Hardwall Cleanroom

  • Hermetically Sealed Cleanroom System
  • Equipped with Filtration System
  • Flush Mounted LED Lighting
  • A Control Panel for Managing the Cleanroom
  • Components are Prefabricated at the Factory
  • Mobile Cleanroom
  • Mobile Cleanroom
  • Mobile Cleanroom

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If you need a room cleanliness level of 10-100000 near your office or production space, Zonsteel recommends opting for a hardwall cleanroom. A hardwall cleanroom controls the particulates, pressure, humidity, and temperature in the space where you set it up.

And it also meets the requirements such as frequent cleaning and sterilization for various applications. The Zonsteel hardwall cleanroom is ideal for material testing, processing, packing, and enclosing particle sensitive equipment.


Zonsteel hardwall cleanroom is a hermetically sealed system. It also features a filtration system, lighting, and control panel. All the components are prefabricated in the Zonsteel factory so that on site assembly is fast and done in a few days only.

The Zonsteel installation team is also available for overseas installation. The company also offers a comprehensive technical support if you have a local team to do the installation. After installation, Zonsteel will offer operation and maintenance manuals as well, ensuring your hardwall cleanroom run correctly.

Contact us to customize your Hardwall Cleanroom now!
1Clean Room Construction SizeExternal Size(mm)Custom made
Height(mm)Custom made
2StructurePower coated steelPre-cut, pre-drilled in Zonsteel factory, ship in kit
AluminumPre-cut, pre-drilled in Zonsteel factory, ship in kit
3Wall PanelsClean room sandwich panel50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panels, rock wool core material
Crylic sheet wall4mm solid crylic sheet, thickness changes depends on height
Polycarbonate sheet wallHollow PC sheet 20mm, thickness changes depends on height
4RoofClean room sandwich panel50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panels, rock wool core material
Powder coated steel board2mm, size 600x600mm
5FloorConcrete BuildingEpoxy floor, PVC floor, levated floor
6DoorDimension2100x900mm, 1500x900mm other custom made size
InsulationPaper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb
Door framePowder coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel frame
Door leafPowder coated steel, aluminum, Melamine or stainless steel frame
clear acrylic
Power typeManual door, electrical door
Air tightAll around sealed with rubber, bottom with lifting strip
Qty1 pc or any quantity
7WindowDimensionCustomize, Maximum 2400x2200mm
MaterialDouble toughened glass, in middle filled with inert gas and desiccant
Aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, black color
Qty1 pc or any quantity
8LED LightSize600x600mm, 600x1200mm
QtyQty according to requirement
Mounting wayFlush mounted on ceiling
9Clean room equipmentAir Shower
Pass box
Fan filter unit
Heapa box
Clean room air filter
Sampling booth
Laminar flow hood
Commercial Ozone Generator
AHU unit
10OtherCertificateISO 9001, ISO 14001
Warranty1 year
Delivery timeNormally 15 days
PDF Catalog

Hardwall Cleanroom: The Complete Guide

The Zonsteel hardwall cleanroom size and equipment can be custom made according to your application. Our engineers will help on selecting the right facilities. You will get the most cost efficient hardwall cleanroom from us after we understand what you need.

Zonsteel hardwall cleanroom is a free-standing structure. It is made of powder-coated steel or epoxy painted aluminum. It also has aluminum ceiling grid. The ceiling grid is 600 x 600mm or 600 x 1200mm. The size is matched to the sizes of the FFU, HEPA box, and LED lights. The wiring is installed in the post to maintain a clean look. If a mobile hardwall cleanroom required, the floor structure and casters will be sent together with the package.

The filtration system of a hardwall cleanroom may use an FFU unit or a HEPA box. The quantity is calculated according to the designed air volume, you may tell us or our engineers to calculate for you. Zonsteel FFU unit is the silent type, with uniform air speed. The box can be made of with stainless steel, Alu-zinc steel or ABS. The HEPA filters 99.99% of particles with size ≥0.3 microns in diameter.

The hardwall cleanroom LED lights will offer enough brightness as designed. They are also be flush mounted to maintain a clean environment in the cleanroom. Zonsteel also offers emergency LED lights.

The Zonsteel hardwall cleanroom has various material options for the wall panels. The most popular options are rockwool sandwich panel walls, aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel walls, and acrylic wall. Sandwich panel walls have a thickness of 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm. The steel and aluminum structures have relative thickness to match various client needs. The door options include aluminum frame swing door, door leaf sandwich panel, or acrylic.

Zonsteel hardwall cleanrooms are pre-drilled and pre-kitted in the Zonsteel factory. The components are packaged correctly seaworthy. Could be fast assembled and used in a couple of days.

The equipment could be custom made to meet your designed cleanliness class. Our products are ISO9001 certified with a delivery time of 15-20 days.

Contact us today for any questions you may have about hardwall cleanrooms. Our technical support team is available 24/7!

Hardwall Cleanroom: The Complete FAQs Guide

With many types of cleanrooms in the market, sometimes you may end up confused about which one to pick. A hardwall cleanroom is one of the cleanrooms Zonsteel makes right now. Do not worry if it seems there are many cleanroom types. This guide talks about the hardwall cleanroom and what to expect to get from it.

What is a Hardwall Cleanroom?

A Sample Hardwall Cleanroom

Figure 1 A Sample of Hardwall Cleanroom

As the name suggests, a hardwall cleanroom utilizes the use of sandwich panels to make its walls. This is unlike the softwall cleanroom, which would have flexible curtains as the walls.

Because of its construction, you will find it is a great choice for some specific applications where the softwall cleanroom could not work great.

The hardwall cleanroom would also have better flexibility and more applications than other types of cleanrooms. It is why such would be among the most sought-after options when buying a cleanroom.

What are the Properties of a Hardwall Cleanroom?

If you are new to hardwall cleanrooms, you may not understand why they are popular until you learn more about their properties. Here are some of the features you will get with a hardwall cleanroom.

– The cleanrooms are designed for different classes. It is why you may get more people going for them since they know such cleanrooms would be suitable for their needs. You may want to check out the different classes of hardwall cleanrooms to understand where best to use them.

– The cleanrooms come with strong insulated sandwich panels. Such panels are designed to ensure the best performance regardless of the outdoor conditions. Being insulated also means you can maintain the best operating environment for a cleanroom in its interior.

– The panels, in most cases, are interchangeable. The idea is to help improve the overall repairability or use of the cleanroom. In case you ever need to change the cleanroom wall panels, you will find the process being easy.

– The cleanroom features all the important cleanroom components to make it functional. This will include the HEPA filters, FFU, lights, and so much more. The idea is to ensure that the client can get the best cleanroom for various applications once it is setup.

– There is still the option of customizing the hardwall cleanroom. It means you can get the cleanroom in different sizes depending on your needs. Make sure you pick the right size after doing a thorough assessment of the purpose of the cleanroom.

Other things about the hardwall cleanroom will be in the product catalog. You can always request it from the manufacturer to learn more about the hardwall cleanroom before making up your mind.

What are the Cleanliness Levels of a Hardwall Cleanroom?

When you want to buy a hardwall cleanroom, the most common question would be which class of cleanroom do you want? In this case, Zonsteel makes hardwall cleanrooms with cleanliness levels of Class 10 to 100,000. As such, you can narrow it down to a specific class depending on your needs for a hardwall cleanroom.

If you are new to cleanroom classes, a bit of research should help you learn more. Also, Zonsteel has a dedicated customer support team to help you further understand the cleanroom classes to avoid making a mistake while choosing a hardwall cleanroom.

What are the Applications of a Hardwall Cleanroom?

A hardwall cleanroom is designed to control the amount of particulates in the space, humidity, and temperature. As a result, such a cleanroom would have many applications in the research world.

Still, a hardwall cleanroom will also meet the cleanliness requirements and sterilization required by various medical research projects. It is, therefore, more reason to find such a product used in the medical world.

The other options for a hardwall cleanroom include material testing, packaging, processing, and handling sensitive equipment. Here is a quick list of the industries that need a hardwall cleanroom.

– Aerospace industry

– Military applications

– Optics and lens manufacturing

– Medical labs

– Electronic part production

– Research facilities

– Pharmaceutical companies

– Nanotechnology production

What are the Components of a Hardwall Cleanroom?

The Steel Structure of a Hardwall Cleanroom

Figure 2 The Steel Structure of a Hardwall Cleanroom

The cleanroom components can be different from one hardwall cleanroom to another. Some might need more components depending on the project the buyer has to handle.

Some of the most common options include the fan filter units, grid ceiling systems, HEPA boxes, ceiling lights, air conditioning units, and more.

All the components are designed and installed with the cleanroom application in mind. As such, you should find it possible to start using the hardwall cleanroom right after the set up is complete without contaminations.

All these components will require proper maintenance. So, ensure that you always follow the recommended steps for setting up and using the hardwall cleanroom. There is no doubt you would enjoy working in a functional cleanroom always.

How Does a Hardwall Cleanroom Work?

A hardwall cleanroom works by removing particles, contaminants, and pollutants from the ambient air getting into the enclosed space. First, the outside air is passed through the filtration system. This includes passing the air through the primary filters and then through the HEPA or ULPA filter.

These filters will decontaminate the outside air based on the cleanroom cleanliness levels. This filtered air is now forced to get into the cleanroom. Simultaneously, the contaminated air already in the cleanroom gets forced out or recirculated into the filters for filtering again.

What are the Benefits of a Hardwall Cleanroom?

You might have seen hardwall cleanrooms as the most popular option in all types. But why is that the reason? Here are some of the benefits you experience when you pick a hardwall cleanroom.

– It is robust, durable, and impact resistant. The use of strong sandwich panels makes such cleanrooms more durable and robust. The same cannot be said for the softwall cleanroom.

– Other people also find these types of cleanrooms easy to clean and maintain their finish. You simply have to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guide, and you should be fine operating the cleanroom for many years.

– Most are designed to let in light for better ambient working environments. It is why some would not feel constricted into a special building but rather treat it like any other type of building with a higher cleanliness level.

– The hardwall cleanrooms can still be available in different sizes. You never have to worry that the Zonsteel cleanrooms will not fit your application.

– The hardwall cleanrooms are designed for flexibility. This means they can easily be adapted to different jobs. If you have a hardwall cleanroom for medical applications, you can still use the same for electronics manufacturing with only a few changes.

– The hardwall cleanroom also has the best expandability options. This is because they are modular in design. If you ever feel like it is time to expand the hardwall cleanroom, go ahead and get more materials from Zonsteel to facilitate the expansion.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Hard Wall Cleanroom?

Setting Up a Hardwall Cleanroom

Figure 3 Setting Up a Hardwall Cleanroom

Zonsteel understands the need for setting up the hardwall cleanroom in the shortest time possible. It is why the hardwall cleanroom will be set up within a few days. The exact number of days will vary depending on the scope of the project. Some might take longer while others only a few days.

All that information about setting up the hardwall cleanroom and the duration expected will be sent to the buyer before the installation begins.

To make the installation easier, everything is fabricated at the Zonsteel factory. So, you can start the installation while having everything you need on-site.

Do not worry even if you are on a different continent, as Zonsteel can do the overseas installation. The competent technical team will be sent to your location upon request. As much as you may have to pay more for installation services, you would be sure everything will be done correctly.

Does Zonsteel Offer Training on the Use of Hardwall Cleanrooms?

Yes. Sometimes you get new clients who have not used a cleanroom before. It is the responsibility of Zonsteel to train the cleanroom staff where necessary upon request. If that is something you want, get in touch with Zonsteel to facilitate the whole process.

Also, operation and maintenance manuals will be handed over to the clients after the installation process is done. This is to ensure you will not start operating the hardwall cleanroom without the product documents. You will still need to maintain the hardwall cleanroom better over the following years.

What is Customizable in a Hardwall Cleanroom?

The first thing you can customize in a hardwall cleanroom is the size. There are some standard sizes, but there is also the option of choosing a size depending on your needs. The last thing you need is a cleanroom that might need expanding in a few months after setting it up.

Other than the size, you still have the option of customizing the equipment. This is where the equipment will vary a lot depending on the application. The equipment necessary for medical research is not the same as that for electronics manufacturing.

The equipment can also affect the cleanroom class generally. So, only pick a hardwall cleanroom equipment that will give you the best performance.

What Materials Are Used in Making a Hardwall Cleanroom?

The Interior of a Hardwall Cleanroom

Figure 4 The Interior of a Hardwall Cleanroom

The hardwall cleanroom is made of different materials depending on where it would be used and for which purpose. The common materials include the rockwool sandwich panels, the aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, and acrylic wall panels. The idea is to ensure you always have the best wall to stand up to the various applications of the hardwall cleanroom.

The sandwich panels used vary in terms of thickness. The common thickness options include 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. If you opt for the thickest sandwich panels, you will have more insulation and better fire resistance, among other benefits.

The steel and aluminum structures found on the hardwall cleanroom will have varying thicknesses based on the client’s needs.

Another thing to point about the materials is that the hardwall cleanroom structure would be made of powder-coated steel or epoxy painted aluminum. It is easy to see how they would be great for robustness and durability generally.

Is it Possible to Get a Portable Hardwall Cleanroom?

Yes. This is something Zonsteel can do to boost the functionality of a hardwall cleanroom. You simply have to specify that you need a portable hardwall cleanroom.

In this case, the cleanroom will be equipped with a raised floor structure and casters too. Once the cleanroom is setup on casters, you should find it easy to move around the hardwall cleanroom around the building.

What are the Filtration Systems Available for a Hardwall Cleanroom?

Like any other cleanroom, the hardwall cleanroom also needs important filtration systems to help maintain the cleanroom’s overall functionality. The hardwall cleanroom will come equipped with filtration systems such as an FFU unit or a HEPA box.

The quantity and size of the filtration system is determined by the air volume the cleanroom needs. It is why the Zonsteel cleanroom engineers are necessary to help you understand this part.

All the hardwall cleanroom filtration systems are silent. They will provide the users with a conducive working environment each time they step into the hardwall cleanroom.

The boxes housing the filtration systems are made of stainless steel, alu-zinc steel, or ABS materials with an aim to keep them durable generally.

When Should You Change the HEPA Filter in a Hardwall Cleanroom?

Operators Using a Hardwall Cleanroom

Figure 5 Operators Using a Hardwall Cleanroom

The HEPA filter can remove up to 99.99% of the particles of size up to 0.3 microns in diameter. Such a filter performance is what makes it a favorite among the users looking for a great hardwall cleanroom.

However, the filter needs to be changed when it is damaged or clogged due to years of use. On average, you are advised to change it after 2 to 3 years, depending on the condition. Advise to detect every half a year for class 100 and class 1000. And to detect every year for class 10000, and class 100000. Once find the leaking, replace the filter then.  If it has to filter dusty air all the time, you may have to replace it sooner.

You should also check this type of filter every six months to ensure it works great, just as you wanted.

Are Lights Part of a Hardwall Cleanroom Construction?

Yes. There is a need for having proper lighting in the hardwall cleanroom. It is why Zonsteel uses cleanroom LED lights to ensure there is enough brightness for the staff to work on projects better.

These lights are flash mounted on the ceiling to provide a clean environment in the cleanroom. Also, the use of LED lights ensures you do not worry so much about energy use. Yes, LEDs are energy efficient, brighter, and last longer than conventional lights, you may have used before.

What are the Door Options for a Hardwall Cleanroom?

The door options include the aluminum frame swing door, or sometimes being made of sandwich panels or acrylic. The doors will also vary in terms of size and how they open. The manufacturer will share these things in the product catalog to help the client understand more when choosing a hardwall cleanroom.

Is it Easy to Set Up Hardwall Cleanrooms?

It is generally easy to set up a hardwall cleanroom. However, it should be done by a professional. The last thing you need is a cleanroom that cannot maintain its performance and integrity over time.

The setup process is made easy because of the modular design of the hardwall cleanroom. This is better than when you would have to deal with traditional cleanroom designs.

Also, the package will have everything you need for fast assembly. This includes the installation accessories if a client finds them necessary.

What Does it Mean that Zonsteel Products are ISO9001 Certified?

This standard means that Zonsteel has demonstrated the ability to consistently deliver on products and services that meets the regulator and customer requirements. So, if you get a hardwall cleanroom, you are sure it will live up to your needs for owning one.

Will it Take Too Long to Deliver a Hardwall Cleanroom?

No. It takes an average of 15 to 21 days to deliver a hardwall cleanroom. The team ensures the hardwall cleanroom’s quality does not get affected even when you want it delivered faster. The delivery time is faster when you request a standard size cleanroom that is also already in stock. Such a product will be shipped to the client within a couple of days.

Can You make a Hardwall Cleanroom From an Existing Building?

Yes. This is possible. A cleanroom does not always have to be built from scratch when there is an existing building. You can set it up to be part of the existing building or movable when you set it up on casters.

Is a Hardwall Cleanroom Cleaner than a Softwall Cleanroom, or Vice Versa?

If you look at a hardwall cleanroom’s operation, you can understand why it is commonly preferred as a cleaner option. The hardwall construction provides a better barrier to particle intrusion and more control on how you can adjust the humidity, temperature, and other important aspects of a hardwall cleanroom.

Another significant difference between a hardwall and a softwall cleanroom is that the hardwall models can hold significant positive pressure to prevent particles intrusion. That is not what you get with a softwall cleanroom, as it might have perimeter air gaps.


The hardwall cleanroom has multiple applications so that it can be used in different environments. It is why more people would always consider it when picking new cleanrooms.

Do you have more questions? If that is the case, get in touch with Zonsteel today to get more information and help from a qualified customer care team.

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