Gowning Bench

  • Customized Gowning Bench Size, Layers or Style
  • Bench Top Double Layer Stainless Steel at Least 1.0mm
  • Stainless Steel Grade 304 or 316
  • Electropolished Finish
  • Full Welding
  • Gowning Bench
  • Gowning Bench
  • Gowning Bench

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A gowning bench is an important piece of gowning room furniture. It is widely used in industries such as medical, IT, food, new energy, etc. Before entering the cleanroom for manufacturing or research purposes, people are required to wear protective garments. The cleanroom gowning bench is necessary for gowning and proper wear of the protective garments.

Zonsteel offers customized shapes of a gowning bench. Below are some of them:

  • One layer, two layers, or three layers gowning bench
  • With storage area
  • With booties rack
  • Perforated gowning benchtop
  • Rod gowning benchtop
  • Straight type gowning bench
  • Corner type gowning bench
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SS304/3161mm 1.1mm 1.2mmL2200×W350×H600 mm
L1200×W350×H600 mm
Customized other size
Solid stainless steelCustom madeLocker quantites selectable
Other features:
Stainless steel 304 or 316 be laser cutting
Cutted stainless steel sheet be CNC-bending to the bench shape
Full welding the necessary part
Locker quantity and lock type is selectable
Arc corner easy clean, and minimize dust accumulated
Surface treatment type:  stainless steel wire drawing, electropolishing etc.
Certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14001
Delivery time 15 days
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Growing Bench: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel also makes different gowning bench styles. Here are the top options;

✧ Free standing gowning bench

✧ Wall-mounted gowning bench

✧ Folding gowning bench

Zonsteel cleanroom gowning bench is heavy-duty, with a solid top. The material is stainless steel 304 of at least 1.0mm thickness. The surface is electropolished for better corrosion resistance and a nicer look. The edge is bent using a CNC bending machine to end up with an arc shape. Such a shape is for safety for the users and still easy to clean. Other parts are fully welded, which is better compared to spot welding. The fully welded part is stronger and can last for more years.

The gowning bench can also have the under part designed with a storage area such as lockers. The users’ shoes or other stuff have a place to go. The quantities of lockers will vary as per your need. All the locker inner corners are arc shapes, preventing bacteria from collecting and make it easy to clean them. All lockers come with a push-type lock.

Once the dimensions, style, materials, and surface treatment are agreed upon, then the gowning benches will be put into production. The delivery time normally 15 days. Every unit is strictly inspected.

Zonsteel is certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001 for cleanroom furniture production. When production finished, the gowning bench will be packed correctly for sea or railway transportation.

Apart from the gowning bench, Zonsteel can customize other cleanroom equipment and stainless steel cleanroom furniture. Call us today to start your gowning bench business! Order or not, we will be happy to have your contact!

Gowning Bench: The Complete FAQ Guide

The gowning benches are important to own if you work in such environments as a laboratory, a cleanroom, or any other space that does not need contamination the surfaces. Zonsteel makes the best gowning benches in the market, and here are some important facts about them.

What is a Gowning Bench?

Gowning Benches

Figure 1 An Example of a Standalone Gowning Bench

Before getting into the lab or a cleanroom, it is best to have a place to change. In this case, it is the gowning room. Such a room would have the gowning benches that allow you to sit and do the changeover of clothes and other equipment.

The benches are made of stainless-steel material to help you follow the garbing protocols. As such, you will now end up being clean and ready to get into a clean area without contaminating it.

What is the Gowning Room?

A gowning room is important for maintaining a clean environment within the cleanroom or lab. The room allows the employees to change into safety garment before entering the lab. It is also a place where they can keep their personal belongings and still wash and clean themselves before getting into the cleanroom.

What are the Properties of the Zonsteel Gowning Bench?

A Foldable Gowning Bench

Figure 2 A Foldable Gowning Bench

The best gowning bench would make your changeover easy and help maintain the necessary protocols. Zonsteel understands this and makes benches with the following properties.

Multiple shape options are available. This will allow you to get the best gowning bench, depending on your needs. The most common shapes include benches with one layer, two layers, with storage areas, with booties racks, and more.

Multiple styles are available. Other than the shape, you should also consider the bench styles. The common options are the free-standing gowning bench, wall-mounted gowning bench, and folding gowning bench. A folding gowning bench might be common in scenarios where the space is limited.

Stainless Steel 304 construction. The use of stainless steel is a sure way of ending up with a high-quality product. It is generally durable since the surface is further electropolished to make it better at corrosion resistance. The electropolishing method also improves its looks.

Custom sizes are available. It should make more people feel it was worth spending their money on a gowning bench if they can get a custom size. Well, Zonsteel can make that happen. You simply have to get in touchwith Zonsteel for more information on how to get a custom-sized gowning bench.

Storage options are possible. As part of making different types of gowning benches, Zonsteel also makes them have storage spaces. This is important for the employees to have a place to store their shoes and other stuff before getting into the cleanroom.

What are the Common Applications of a Gowning Bench?

Gowning benches are useful in different industries. So long as there is the need to maintain cleanliness and avoid contamination, a gowning bench is necessary. Some of the industries where gowning benches are necessary to include:




New energy

It is expected to have more industries, all depending on the level of cleanliness that is required.

What Gowning Bench Shapes and Sizes are Available?

There are several shapes and sizes available from Zonsteel for you to consider. The most common shapes include straight-type and corner-type gowning benches.

The names are self-explanatory, with each having special places where you can use them effectively.

The straight-type is probably the most common in different gowning rooms. This does not mean you cannot use the corner-type as you might want to utilize all the space.

The best part is that you can still get a custom shape depending on your needs. It is important to know your room size and how best to utilize it better. It is from there that the company can come up with the right shape for the gowning room.

As for the size, the benches vary a lot depending on the customer’s needs. However, the thickness is mostly the same. This is because Zonsteel uses stainless steel with a thickness of at least 1.0mm. The aim is to ensure the bench remains strong and suitable for various uses over the years.

Why Should You Use Zonsteel Gowning Benches in a Cleanroom?

Gowning Benches in Use

Figure 3 Gowning Benches in Use

There is no doubt you might be looking to maintain the cleanliness of your cleanroom. It is why you should consider getting the Zonsteel gowning benches. Here are more reasons:

The gowning benches are easy to clean and maintain. As such, you also maintain a clean area in the lab or the cleanroom.

Their design also improves comfort and usability. They are designed to eliminate the employee’s strain while changing and reinforce the clean gowning protocols.

Zonsteel also offers space-efficient configurations. This includes the folding down models. So, even if you have a small gowning room, there is no reason not to have gowning benches.

Some models are designed to have racks and bootie shelves. These racks provide space for the employees to store their shoes and many other supplies before getting into the cleanroom.

The perforated gowning benchtops allow for air to pass through, making it easier to maintain its cleanliness. There is no doubt you can also have an easier time cleaning the benches, even if it means doing so more often.

Are Zonsteel Gowning Benches for Sale Expensive?

If you are looking for gowning benches for sale, consider those from Zonsteel. The company makes top-quality models that are still within the affordable range. As such, you should not find it hard to equip your gowning room with the necessary furniture your employees need.

Zonsteel can quickly send you a quote upon request. This will help you know more about the pricing of the different gowning benches.

How Long Does a Zonsteel Cleanroom Gowning Bench Last?

The gowning benches can easily last for 20 years or more, depending on the use and maintenance. Keep in mind that such benches are made using high-quality stainless steel 304 material. This material can handle various environments without much of a problem.

Zonsteel will give you a manual with maintenance details. The aim is to help you understand more how best to care for the gowning benches so that they can be of service for decades.

If you ever need more benches, Zonsteel is always available to offer more services. You can be sure to end up with high-quality benches all the time.

Are Folding Gowning Benches Better than Wall-Mounted Gowning Benches?

Zonsteel makes both the wall-mounted gowning benches and folding gowning benches. It is expected that each one would have different applications depending on the available space and many other features.

People might opt for the folding gowning benches since they take up less space. Once you are done with using them, simply fold the benches to get them out of the way. This is something that many people would desire if their gowning rooms are small.

The wall-mounted gowning benches are ideal for those with enough space to install several of them in a single room.

Zonsteel makes these benches using high-quality materials. As such, you can be sure that the benches are both high-quality and can last for long. The only difference is the operating mechanism. So, whichever you choose, you can be sure it will be a nice gowning bench for several applications.

Is it Hard to Install the Wall-Mounted Gowning Benches?

A Mounted Gowning Bench

Figure 4 A Wall-Mounted Gowning Bench

Installation is not hard. However, it would be best to involve a professional for the installation. This is to ensure the gowning bench is properly secured to the wall. The last thing you need is people falling over after sitting on the bench.

Zonsteel will still offer a manual important for installing the gowning benches. This is crucial to ensure you never have to worry about missing a step if you decide to install it by yourself. Since the manual is comprehensive and clear, the installation will always be easier.

What are the Standard Cleanroom Gowning Procedure/Requirements?

If you are new to gowning, sometimes you might not be sure how to go about it. The whole process needs the use of a gowning bench at some point. Also, each company might have a different process, but they are related to the following.

Wear the bouffant cap, ensuring that all your hair is properly contained and the ears covered too

Wear the disposable shoe covers, ensuring the entire surface of your shoe is covered correctly

Proceed to wash or sanitize your hands. Ensure they dry completely before wearing the gloves

At this point, proceed to wear the first pair of sterile gloves

Sanitize the gloves too. This is a process that needs to be done after each step of your gowning process

Wear the hood, ensuring that the ties are adjusted for a proper fit. Also, wear the mask and adjust it for a proper fit.

This is then followed by wearing a coverall, making sure it does not touch the operator, floor, or other surfaces.

Wear the first boot cover using the approved aseptic technique and finally the goggles. Adjust them for a sealed fit.

In some cases, you are to wear a second pair of gloves. Ensure that it covers the first pair. Do a final check in the mirror to ensure everything is done correctly before entering the cleanroom.

A gowning bench is essential when donning some of the apparel, and you do not want it to touch the surfaces or ground. It also offers a comfortable place to sit and properly wear different apparel before getting into a cleanroom.

Why is Electropolishing the Gowning Bench Important for Cleanroom Use?

Results after Electropolishing Stainless Steel

Figure 5 Results after Electropolishing Stainless Steel

Zonsteel gowning benches are electropolished as part of their construction. However, what is electropolishing, and why is it important?

Electropolishing is a method where impurities and other irregularities are removed from the surface of a gowning bench. There is the use of a power supply to ensure the process is highly effective.

Some of the benefits of electropolishing include:

Ending up with a brighter finish as the surface impurities have been removed

Endingup with an increased corrosion protection

The method delivers the best ultra-cleaning capabilities

Depending on the application, the process makes the surface ready for other processes such as welding, plating, and e-coating.

As you can see from the benefits above, it should be a nice method to keep the gowning benches looking good for various applications.

How Long does it Take for Zonsteel Gowning Benches to be Delivered?

The delivery time is 15 days on average.

The team at Zonsteel would be able to give you a clear timeframe once your order is placed. Aspects such as the benches’ size, the quantity, and many others can determine if your benches will be completed in a short time or sometimes extend a bit.

Are the Zonsteel Gowning Benches ISO Certified?

Yes. Zonsteel, as a company, is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. This means that the brand can deliver on the best performance benches meant for cleanrooms and related environments. Anyone looking for such benches should be comfortable buying them from Zonsteel after seeing such a certification.

Is it Hard to Get Zonsteel Gowning Benches for Sale Abroad?

No. It is important to note that Zonsteel gowning benches are available for sale overseas. It does not matter where you are located, as Zonsteel can ensure the product gets to you safely and in the right condition.

If you are unsure where Zonsteel would ship, get in touch with your address and inquire about shipping to your location. The logistics team will reply with the information about shipping and how long it would take to get the product to your location.

Can You Get Custom Designs and Sizes of a Gowning Bench?

Zonsteel can make the best gowning bench depending on your needs. The company understands that different clients will have different needs. So, the company will accommodate you without a problem.

You can always send the company your gowning room size and how you would want the benches to be fitted. This ensures that the design team can tailor the gowning benches to suit your needs perfectly.

Is it Easy to Maintain the Cleanliness of a Gowning Bench?

Several Gowning Benches in Use in a Gowning Room

Figure 6 Several Gowning Benches in Use in a Gowning Room

Since the surfaces are made of stainless steel, it should not be hard to maintain the gowning benches’ cleanliness. It is advisable to clean them more often, especially if it is a busy cleanroom.

Always use the recommended cleaning solutions for the type of cleanroom. Some solutions are likely to erode the protective coating on the stainless steel material, leaving you with a bench likely to corrode.

Luckily, Zonsteel offers you a guide to follow for those who might want to clean the gowning benches themselves. This is important to ensure that the benches are correctly cleaned and maintained.

How to Store the Gowning Benches?

If you find that you might have to be away for a while and not use the gowning benches, it is best if you store them correctly. The best way would be to cover them with protective film or clothing to keep the dust away.

If it is a folding type of gowning bench, put it in its folded position and cover it also.

Where possible, you can have the cleaning crew clean the gowning room more often, even once a week, to minimize the dust accumulation due to lack of use of the room.


The gowning benches are essential for someone who has a cleanroom or related workspace. They are not expensive, so there should not be any excuse why you do not have them.

Now that you know the importance of such benches get in touch with Zonsteel to place your order today or ask any questions you might have in mind.

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