GMP Clean Room

Zonsteel is your dependable GMP cleanroom provider in China. Since our inception in 1999, we have expanded continuously and became one of the famous manufacturers of innovative, compliant facilities and process equipment. We provide turn-key and custom solutions to customers worldwide. Our leading-edge fabrication technology, engineering teams, and subject-matter experts allow us to produce durable and reliable products.

We build an excellent reputation for engineering and manufacturing modular GMP Cleanroom systems. Over Zonsteel 2 decades of production, we expanded to new markets and industries. Standard and custom configurations are available to meet the best GMP production fit for your needs.

  • GMP Clean Room
  • GMP Clean Room
  • GMP Clean Room

GMP Clean Room

Specializes in GMP Clean Room Panels, GMP Clean Room Doors, GMP Clean Room Windows, Modular GMP Clean Room
GMP Clean Room

Zonsteel has professional designers willing to work with you closely to exceed your expectations on GMP clean room.

GMP Clean Room

Customized your modular design GMP Clean Room with Zonsteel. We can achieve 10-100,000 cleanliness class of your GMP Clean Room.

GMP Clean Room Windows

Zonsteel is an ISO9001:2008 factory that can perfect your GMP Clean Room Windows with good sealing and no fog.

GMP Clean Room Panels

Zonsteel uses high-class and durable material to manufacture GMP Clean Room Panels. Sandwich panel wall and ceiling.

GMP Clean Room Doors

You can choose the different door for your GMP cleanroom such as aluminum, stainless steel or HPL.

GMP Clean Room Trolleys

We design an anti-collision GMP cleanroom trolley, easy-moving, easy to clean & maintain.

GMP Clean Room Racks

Depending on your requirements for surface brightness and flatness of GMP cleanroom racks, Zonsteel can do different surface treatments for your needs.

GMP Clean Room Storage Cabinets

We guarantee simple design, smooth and even, resistance to dust GMP Clean Room Storage Cabinets for you.

GMP Clean Room Benches

Appropriate benches for GMP Clean Room is accessible here at a very cost-effective rates.

Custom GMP Clean Room

Our production facilities and equipment are engineered and constructed to meet ISO 14644, current US and EU Good Manufacturing Practices, and other relevant standards. 

GMP Clean Room Installation

As your certified provider of GMP clean room, we ensure 100% easy installation and guidance for your GMP Clean Room.

GMP Clean Room Floors

Zonsteel GMP Clean Room Floors has great durability. Epoxy floor, PVC floor or raised floor.

Why GMP Clean Room Zonsteel

  • Most professional GMP cleanroom construction solutions
  • 20+ years of history and development
  • Unique R&D, integrated services
  • Strong manufacturing capabilities
  • 24/7 online assistance

Your Outstanding GMP Clean Room Provider - Zonsteel

Zonsteel was founded in 1999, focusing on the GMP cleanroom containment system, R&D, and manufacturing. Covers an area of 26000 m2 cleanroom workshop, the existing staff of more than 300 workers and teams. Zonsteel GMP cleanroom products show great attention to optimization and design and use high-quality materials in production. We are your no.1 manufacturer that provides complete solution plans for professional GMP cleanrooms and executes comprehensive, excellent services.

Zonsteel is dedicated to GMP Clean Room production. As your professional cleanroom provider, we can handle all your necessary GMP cleanroom needs such as GMP Clean Room Enclosure,

GMP Clean Room Floor, GMP Clean Room equipment, GMP Clean Room furniture, etc. We are a GMP cleanroom one-stop solution provider from consultation, designing, manufacturing, shipping to installation.

Zonsteel GMP cleanroom, also known as Good Manufacturing Practice Cleanroom, is a room where a minimum standard of regulations for medical device, drug, and certain food-producing set forth by the American Food & Drug Administration.

If you’re looking for an outstanding manufacturer of GMP cleanrooms, Zonsteel is the best answer.

We Are Professional GMP Clean Room Component Manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Device Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Food Industry
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Zonsteel GMP Clean Room

Zonsteel Company has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing GMP cleanrooms. Our mature technology, profound knowledge, and expert engineering team allows us to produce a second-to-none GMP cleanroom. We offer a turnkey solution for your GMP cleanroom project.

You can assure that Zonsteel has the complete capabilities in providing you certified GMP cleanroom with superior designs. Our Zonsteel GMP cleanroom meet minimum requirements for 100% cleanliness, strength, composition, and versatile construction materials.

Our products are widely sold and appreciated throughout the world. Zonsteel focuses on GMP cleanroom design, GMP cleanroom enclosure system, GMP cleanroom ceiling system, GMP cleanroom doors, GMP cleanroom windows and related product development, manufacturing, sales, consulting, and services.

All GMP cleanroom equipment we provide obtained GB/T19001-ISO9001 and EPC qualification. When designing your GMP cleanroom, we use GMP compliance materials and features high integrity, easy installation, scratch-resistant, durability, and long-lasting. It can withstand frequent cleaning and disinfection.

Choose Zonsteel as your no.1 GMP cleanroom manufacturer and provider in China. You can guarantee a 100% clean area for your pharmaceutical or food manufacturing. We ensure cost-effective prices, full service, quick delivery, and complete installation, and maintenance assistance.

Aside from GMP cleanroom,  hospital clean room, pharmaceutical clean room, clean room lab, we also provide the parts and equipment includes operating room door, hospital walls, surgical scrub sink, air shower tunnel, open-air shower, dynamic pass box, and more. We specialize in cleanroom turnkey projects and have a strong ability of cost-control and QC.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer of sterile or hazardous drug operations, always rely on Zonsteel as your GMP cleanroom manufacturer. With our expertise, we can understand your simple or complex requirements.

For more details, contact us, and our excellent sales service team will accommodate your inquiries!


GMP Clean Room: The Ultimate FAQ Guidelines

I suppose you’re seeking an GMP Clean Room.

This is why this tutorial will address all of your queries concerning these cleanrooms.

Browse to find out more.


What Is GMP Clean Room?

GMP Clean Room

GMP Clean Room

GMP refers to “Good Manufacturing Practice,” which has been a globally known range of principles for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and cosmetics.

As a result, pharmacological and medical equipment developers should maintain cleanrooms that adhere to GMP standards.

These are the category of GMP Clean Room:


◇  GMP Clean Room Construction Materials

These materials must’ve been capable of being maintained and sterilized consistently. 

The substances must be independent of flaws, neat and scale, and smoothly connected. 

Also flush installed with cleanroom equipment like air handling units, lights, pass box etc.

◇  GMP Clean Room Floors

Polished and even, scratch-resistant, quick to cleanse, high integrity, and free of flaws are all necessary. 

It must’ve been scratch-resistant and capable of cleansing a suitable amount of mass.

◇  GMP Clean Room Walls

Walls and ceilings must be spotless, fade-resistant, flawless, and easily cleaned. 

Therefore, it is critical that the substance is utilized uniformly and completely closed to prevent infection in this scenario. 

For the wall need to resistant to acid and alkali, or clean frequently, recommended the 304 or 316 stainless steel surface sandwich panel wall. Or PVC coated surface sandwich panel wall.

◇  GMP Clean Room Doors

Cleanroom doors must always be safe and light to maintain; there must have a minimalist style (without doors ledge). 

They should operate within directions of the neatest place they access.

They should be secured when not being used to maintain affirmative recognition as a significant.

◇  GMP Clean Room Windows

Windows in the cleanroom must be neat and tidy in appearance, dust-resistant, and level with its internal walls. And must be not foggy.

They must never be composed of woods.

What Is The Purpose Of The Gmp Cleanroom?

GMP Clean Room

GMP Clean Room

A GMP cleanroom is a sterile atmosphere in which substances, including debris, atmospheric bacteria, and dust droplets, are removed to provide the safest potential material.

Cleanrooms are applied to manufacture a variety of commodities, including prescription medicines and hospital instruments, foods, cosmetics.

Cleanrooms are classed according to the number of pollutants authorized for each thermal meter.

Additionally, the GMP cleanroom regulates variations in heating rate, ventilation, and moisture content.

When Is The GMP Cleanroom Required?

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries require a hygienic environment in which to process their goods. 

Cleanrooms include a hygienic, ultra-clean production process, which significantly reduces the possibility of pollution in your medicines.

Why Is Temperature Important In the GMP Cleanroom?

Temperature and pressure control should be prioritized in a cleanroom to avoid microbial growth and to ensure staffs are relaxed and confident.

Based on typical cleanroom standards, relative humidity (RH) values in cleanrooms normally between 40% and 60% RH. Some special cleanroom like dry room need very low humidity, 2% RH, the desiccant dehumidifiers will be need to layout in AHU unit.

Increased relative humidity can result in the growth of microorganisms, material degradation, rusting, and electrostatic discharge. 

Electromagnetic force substantially interacts with particles’ motion in a cleanroom, resulting in major industrial problems.

In several instances, a cleanroom most suitable temperature is between at 18-26℃. 

The GMP cleanroom has a designed temperature and humidity, if not controlled in this range, will effect the activities inside.

Does GMP Clean Room Reliable?

GMP Clean Room

GMP Clean Room

The physical environment of a cleanroom has an impact on manufacturing procedures and the completed manufacturer’s reliability. 

Unclear cleanrooms restrict operations, causing client deliveries to be delayed.

 Cleanroom containment processes must include a cleanroom section that conforms, including all necessary precautions.

How To Operate GMP Clean Room?

The best efficient strategy of preserving cleanroom pollution levels is used to function and preserve it properly.

  1. Minimizing the volume of contaminants that could eliminate through your production processes
  2. Restricting cleanroom access to qualified personnel and reducing their numbers, despite the fact that qualified workers pollute the most.
  3. Cleansing your premises on a regular basis according to tightly defined methods
  4. Preservation of the buildings and services on a regular schedule
  5. The furnace purifiers and wind pressure must be monitored on a continuous basis, and the cleanroom must be recertified on a routine basis.

Does GMP Clean Room Reduce Waste?

GMP Clean Room

GMP Clean Room

Corrosion management is crucial in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. 

The implications of corrupt products. Absorption recognizes the value of cleanroom components. 

Instead of squandering assets, our business converts loss to profits.

Is GMP Clean Room Flexible?

The modular GMP cleanroom is flexible.

Features made of aluminum enhance and line up the surfaces. 

The technology is easy to operate, reconfigure, upgrade, and expand. 

This enables better maintenance without interfering with the equipment. 

Flexible technologies can be used to renovate or create new spaces.

Is The GMP Cleaning Room Simplified In Cleaning?

GMP Clean Room

GMP Clean Room

If you’ve worked in a conventional compartment, you’re aware that pollutants are produced. 

Cleanroom displays are solutions in comparison. 

Less pollution will be on the material as a result of decreased pollutants scattering. 

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze.

What Should I Know to Do GMP Clean Room?

It’s critical to remember that although you maintain a consistent hygienic environment, pollutants can remain to invade your cleanroom and generate operation interruptions. 

Maintaining a cleanroom requires more than following procedure; it also requires consideration of your goods, personnel, and routine efficiency assessments.

What Is the Best Way to Keep GMP Clean Room Clean?

The best method to maintain your cleanroom hygienically is to adhere to adequate sanitary procedures prior to arriving. 

This comprises thoroughly cleansing and wiping hands, using protective gloves that are not powdery, and ensuring that all personnel has the availability of clothes and equipment that fit properly. 

In an idealistic situation, we could eliminate contamination from your cleanroom surroundings entirely.

What Is the Procedure of the GMP Clean Room?

We are investing weekly and daily commitment in workspace maintenance. 

You may have to enhance the complexity or regularity of all such tasks in certain circumstances. 

Create an easy-to-follow cleaning schedule. 

The following are processes for sterilizing cleanrooms.

  • Maintenance of the Cleanroom on A Daily Basis
  1. Before any other workday starts, sweep the floor with a saturated towel and high-pressure to clean.
  2. Make sure to clean the entire room with a HEPA filtration system cleaner.
  3. All panes and infiltrate should be cleaned and dried.
  4. Clean and disinfect all work locations at the end of each workday.
  5. It may have to happen quite often if outstanding class expectations are maintained.
  6. During job hours, store components and merchandise to minimize potential pollution.
  • Cleansing Of The Cleanroom On A Weekly Basis
  1. Using equipment specifications detergents, filtered water, and a HEPA filtration system, wipe the floors.
  2. Use a wet cloth and plain water to scrub down the walls, then blow-dry.

Why Do We Need A GMP Clean Room Protocol?

Usually, individuals generate toxically. Cleanrooms contain a variety of pollutants, and it is important to take care to keep them out of range. 

Personal behavior does have a significant impact on the cleanroom’s sanitation and hygiene. 

Coughing up or vomiting in a sterile situation, along with progressing very swiftly, endangers the natural ecosystem.

What’s The Point Of Having A GMP Clean Room?

By and large, people are unable to determine the consumption of products, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics items. 

Consumers place a high premium on the efficacy of the items they purchase.

Producers must begin examining their items to ensure their reliability. 

Adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) at all phases of the process might assist in ensuring durability.

Moreover, enterprises must follow standards or instructions for each location, electronic device, and procedure used in developing and manufacturing items.

By adhering to GMP regulations, manufacturers ensure that they have the appropriate methods in place to manufacture secure and efficient products.

What Are the Required Procedure of The GMP Clean Room?

  1. The concept, structure, and environmental factors of the product establishment are all properly designed.
  2. The neatness of the surroundings, including the flooring, surfaces, ceiling, and machinery and materials, are required.
  3. All technology, supplies, and containers must be kept in excellent condition.
  4. The utilization of appropriate compounds, such as machinery lubrication and cleansing solutions, is needed.
  5. Ensure that the completed service is available of extraneous stuff, including plastics, glasses, woods, metals, papers, thread, adhesive, and vermin.
  6. Development of a parasite management system on the facilities and in the local surroundings is demanded.
  7. It needs trash management and disposal.

What Is the Importance of the GMP Clean Room?

GMP enables businesses to establish responsive personnel capable of constantly increasing their generation of high-quality items.

Because GMP standards are comprehensive, companies have had more latitude in their execution.

Ascertain that your completed items are safe and reliable for marketing. 

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