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Zonsteel is a professional emergency door provider and manufacturer in China with 20 years of experience. You can find the most sturdy and durable emergency doors from Zonsteel. We all have high-end and high-class emergency doors at more competitive prices. We ensure fast shipment to your orders.

We can suggest to you the best types of emergency doors that are relevant for many industries. We use advanced production equipment to manufacture the highest-quality emergency doors. We are sure to provide zero defects, high-quality emergency doors. Contact now!

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Emergency Door Manufacturer

Zonsteel offers complete solution for your emergency door requirements. All are affordable and can meet different specific applications.
90 Minutes Fire Proof Emergency Door

This is easy to install. Custom designs, sizes, and shapes are available.

Double Fire Emergency Exit Door

This door offers long service life, strong quality, and high durability.

Emergency Door with Panic Exit Device

This can’t be damaged easily. Available in different colors such as grey, black, etc.

Emergency Exit Door with Panic Bar

Emergency exit door with panic bar offers security and high protection. Available in different sizes.

Emergency Exit Door with Sign

It has easy to recognize sign. This is available in different measurements.

Emergency Exit Door

Zonsteel emergency exit door has a modern style and catchy color. Applicable in buildings.

Fire Rated Emergency Door

The fire-rated emergency is highly fire-resistant. Easy to access when a crisis happens.

Hinged Emergency Exit Door

The hinged emergency exit door has an excellent and long-lasting structure.

RAL Color Emergency Exit Door

The RAL color emergency exit doors are ideal doors available in various styles and colors.

Sound Insulation Emergency Door

A soundproof insulation emergency door highly meets your standard applications. Available in custom sizes.

Steel Emergency Door

The steel emergency door ensure high performance and best quality to different building purposes.

UL List Emergency Door

We offer UL List emergency doors that are stylish and reliable. It has unique, rare designs.

Why Emergency Door Manufacturer Zonsteel

  • Custom-made Emergency door
  • 20 years of emergency industry experience
  • Experienced emergency door exporter
  • Strong, long-lasting doors
  • Competitive price offers

Your Leading Emergency Door Manufacturer Zonsteel

Zonsteel’s wide emergency door range has unique qualities and characteristics to exceed the unique requirements of our clients. We serve worldwide clients in the education, industrial, public safety, and engineering industries. We manufacture emergency doors from fire-resistant and high-grade materials to ensure quality.

You can count on Zonsteel as your emergency door manufacturer in China. We can provide the full product source you need for a specific application. Plus! We are capable enough to customize your emergency doors with a perfect and stylish appearance. As a qualified manufacturer, we are commit to offer exceptional product quality and services to nationwide customers. Allow us to handle your emergency door needs!

We Are Professional Emergency Door Manufacturer
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Your One-stop Emergency Door Manufacturer in China

Zonsteel is the primer emergency door solution provider operating in China. Our solutions can help individuals and organizations operate in more challenging environments and workplaces.

Our extensive emergency door range has unique qualities and characteristics to exceed the unique requirements of our clients. We serve worldwide clients in the education, industrial, public safety, and engineering industries.

Zonsteel emergency door is one most essential in emergency exit routes. These provide a secure and clear way to evacuate from building in case of disasters. We provide complete selections of emergency doors at more competitive prices.

Our emergency doors are maintenance-free. When you visit here in Zonsteel, you’ve no doubt. We marked green and white ‘EXIT,’ which is easy to recognize. This is one way to help people immediately or safely exit when a disaster happens in a building.

We manufacture emergency doors from fire-resistant and high-grade materials. We make sure our emergency doors are durable, reliable, and offer long service life. This is a lifesaver product, so you have to choose emergency doors that have the highest quality.

Our emergency doors are required for any building. You can usually find it in the hallway, stairwell, and other building areas. Whether you’re a building owner, retailer, or wholesaler that needs engineer doors, Zonsteel is your perfect partner in China.

Each emergency door can be tailor-made according to your specifications. It can meet your qualifications and standards. Zonsteel offers you a one-stop emergency door solution that will surpass your needs and satisfy your expectations.

In Zonsteel, you can avail of emergency doors and high-speed doors, HPL doors, interlock doors, stainless steel doors, impact traffic doors, access control doors, and more. If ever you need one of them, we are always happy to please you.

We welcome new and old customers. Contact us for your immediate concerns!

Emergency Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Study the emergency door properties and functions before you purchase.

Reading this guide will help you gather information about emergency doors.

Let’s bring it on!

What is the Emergency Door Purpose?

Emergency Door
What is an Emergency Door?

Emergency Doors, mostly called emergency exits to provide way-out passage. They provide the safest and direct escape in a building. An emergency door is used when there is a sudden disaster like a fire. Therefore, an emergency door is one of a building’s top requirements.

Constructed with easy-to-access designs, emergency doors passed the safety standards. However, you must locate emergency doors to the safest workplace area. They also include a fire-proof staircase or stepladders ascended on the building’s outer side.

Signage also shows in emergency doors to specify its presence. According to the law, besides modern buildings, airplanes also need emergency doors. Certain numbers of reserved exits are required. They meet international and national codes for extra protection.

Emergency doors contain 3 segments, such as:

  • Exit Release –This route segment directs to evacuation areas, safe streets, public routes, and walkways.
  • Exit Passage –Segment of an emergency exit that leads directly to an exit.
  • Exits –An emergency exit segment that is isolated. It can provide a secured travel route.

What Materials are Used in Emergency Door Production?

2-Emergency Door
Different Materials Used in Emergency Doors Production

Manufacturers design different emergency doors using fireproof and high-quality materials. The materials are guaranteed smoke-free, flame-resistant, perform heat transmit, and illuminated.

Materials used are:

  • Fire-retardant glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Or Combination

What are Important Features of Emergency Doors?

Opening Design

Emergency doors often have a gliding opening design.

During Emergency

Using hands, departures can be pushed superficially.

Enough Space

Emergency doors provide huge entry openings compared to normal doors.

Well-Suited Departures

The emergency doors have complete, transparent framed departures.

How Many Emergency Doors Must a Building Require?

In general, one building is required to have 2 emergency doors or more. Enough exit doors enable immediate evacuation of building workers and residents. Plus, emergency doors must be installed far from another one. So, in case one of them is blocked by fire, there is still another exit option.

Please consider: You must have the exact number of emergency doors based on the building’s size, amount of staff, its residence, and the entire building arrangement. Consider all people’s safety during the evacuation.

What are the Design Requirements for Emergency Doors?

Emergency Door

  • Emergency doors should be constant segments of the building.
  • Emergency passageways need to be direct to public routes, safe areas, streets, or any secured places outside. Passageways should be huge to fit all building residents.
  • The emergency staircase must not be built level by partitions or doors, it may cause a disturbance. The stairs must meet safety standards.
  • Emergency doors should be interiorly unclosed. Also, they need to be alarms and machines-free. That could control the door use if the alarm or machine fails.
  • A side-hinged emergency door type is used to bridge rooms to emergency exits. Used to accommodate over fifty people from a high-risk area.
  • The required ceilings of emergency exits are more than 6 inches in height and 7 feet.

What More Points You Must Remember About Emergency Doors?

Below, we show 6 important things you must not miss to learn.

  • Emergency doors location should be remarkable on the facility maps.
  • Signs in the emergency doors are a must. This helps facility employees to get into the exit routes during emergencies.
  • The door should be easy to open, especially for the elderly, disabled people, and the infirm.
  • Every emergency door should allow anybody to carry an injured person. These doors should allow everyone to land up in the safest place.
  • Key lock is not recommended for emergency doors. However, just 1 lock per emergency door is allowed.
  • Emergency doors should have equipped crash bars. It is used if there is a possibly huge number of people. Ideal for extra crash protection.
  • The emergency doors must reach WHS standards and codes before installation. Professionals are authorized to install emergency doors.

What are the Main Types of Emergency Doors?

Consider the 3 leading types of emergency doors. These are:

  1. Travel Path Doors
Emergency Door
Travel Path Doors

These are unique emergency doors. It is commonly found in escape passageways and directs to fire or exit doors.

  1. Fire Emergency Doors
Emergency Door
Fire Emergency Doors

The fire emergency doors are manufactured using non-flammable materials. This door could also lead to a fire-resistant tunnel route or staircases.

Its frame is manufactured from fireproof steel. So during a fire, fire emergency doors can provide secured exit routes.

  1. Exit Emergency Doors
Emergency Door
Exit Emergency Doors

Exit emergency doors are always seen at public facilities and buildings. These are easily recognized due to well-marked “EXIT” signs. Also, these provide quick access when emergencies happen.

These types don’t require to be manufactured from fire-retardant materials and steel frames. Often, exit emergency doors don’t direct to a fire-resistant tunnel, unlike fire emergency doors.

What Sectors Requires Durable Emergency Doors?

Emergency doors of all types provide refuge exits for everybody. The primary goal of emergency doors is to give quick, safest exits.

We list below the sectors that need emergency doors. It includes:

  • Retail Sectors
  • Airports
  • Sanitation Facility
  • Transport Area
  • Banks Sector
  • Offices Buildings
  • Hotel Facility
  • Restaurants
  • Residential Buildings

What are Emergency Door Standard Sizes?

The exact sizes of emergency doors must consider. It plays a big role in providing reliable functions.

The width of standard emergency doors must be in this way:

-The door width should be lower than 0.80m but excel to 1.23m.

-Hanging over to 100m2 1m lowest width level

-Hanging over 100m2 1.5m lowest width level

However, hanging over 200m2 needs at least 2 emergency doors.

The evacuation passageway length to a safe place must not excel 25m.

Why China has the Best Emergency Door Manufacturers?

  • China has professional experience in manufacturing emergency doors.
  • Supply top-rated quality emergency doors.
  • Uses ultra-modern manufacturing equipment in production.
  • Offers the high-end to high-class emergency doors.
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