Dynamic Pass Box

With 20 years of production expertise in the field, Zonsteel is your premier dynamic pass box supplier in China. We are offering a complete range ideal for labs, electronic, and industrial applications.

Zonsteel’s R&D capability enables you to get a new and unique dynamic pass box. We can custom-made units using high-grade raw materials. Our expert team will build your dynamic pass box surely meet your expectations. For more details, please feel free to email us.

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Dynamic Pass Box

Specializes in dynamic pass box turnkey projects, presents high-quality units in different specifications.
SS304 Dynamic Pass Box

SS304 dynamic pass box has a rubber and plastic nozzle. The airtime of this shower is adjustable.

Cleanroom Dynamic Pass Box (1)

The cleanroom dynamic pass box has a HEPA air filter and weighs 350Kgs. It has 99% filter efficiency.

Dop Dynamic Pass Box

Dop dynamic pass box is made from 304 stainless steel and has 600W power.

Dynamic Pass Box with H14 HEPA Filter

We can customize the size of the dynamic pass box with an H14 HEPA filter; made from stainless steel.

Dynamic Pass Box with Air Shower

Dynamic pass box with air shower has high filter efficiency and motor; PLC as core components.

Customize Dynamic Pass Box

Zonsteel can customize the dynamic pass boxes into particular applications. Custom size.

MS Dynamic Pass Box

MS dynamic pass box has filter media; Ideal for multiple applications.

Dynamic Pass Box SS316

Dynamic pass box SS316 has HEPA filter media and an aluminum alloy frame.

Dynamic Pass Box for Pharmaceutical

Dynamic pass box for pharmaceutical use power of 220V/50/60Hz and bearing as a core component.

Double Door Dynamic Pass Box

The double door dynamic pass box uses an AC voltage of 220/110V. It has a wind speed of 0.38 to 0.57m/s.

Dynamic Pass Box for Biology (1)

Dynamic pass box for biology has core components such as motor and engine.

Wholesale Dynamic Pass Box

Material options are SUS201 and SUS304. You can wholesale dynamic pass boxes at factory direct price.

Why Dynamic Pass Box Zonsteel

  • Turnkey Solution for your Dynamic Pass Box
  • Strong R&D and QC Capabilities
  • ISO9001:2015 Certified Factory
  • Fast Delivery in just seven days
  • 7/24 Sales and Tech Support

Your Leading Dynamic Pass Box Zonsteel

Zonsteel is an expert, dynamic pass box manufacturer, provides a wide variety of products and excellent service. Since 1999, we launch a world-class dynamic pass box widely used in several industries. As an ISO9001 certificated company, you can guarantee the best solution for your business need. We employ 300 workers in different departments; we can bring your design to life effectively.

Our team uses leading software like CAD, PVDF, Revit, and BIM. Being a premier dynamic pass box supplier, we have a modern production line to develop your project demand. We can provide a one-stop solution that will guarantee your dynamic pass box reliability. Contact us for your requirements now.

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#1 Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for the best dynamic pass box partner for your business need? Zonsteel, an ISO-certified, professional dynamic pass box manufacturer in China, is your ultimate solution. 

We manufacture dynamic pass boxes featuring rugged construction, low vibration & noise, and ease of operational use. Thus, it provides maximum chemical and rust resistance. It comes with suction filters, an interlocking electrical system, buzzer indication for material transfers, Magnehelic gauge, and UV light with timer. 

Zonsteel dynamic pass box is a self-contained unit that helps prevent the entry of contaminants into the cleanroom. It is energy-efficient, modular, and economical, ideal for long-term uses. If you are looking for equipment to add to your current line, this dynamic pass box by Zonsteel is your best choice. 

Zonsteel offers multiple categories of pass box-like dynamics. Our series of boxes are available with precision design and finishes, high-grade construction that withstand demanding conditions. There are standard sizes and finishes, supply filters, and other add-on accessories. 

You can choose your desire model according to your requirements and unique specifications. Material options are stainless steel 304/316/ 316L; door options can be a solid door with electrical or mechanical interlocked. 

Every box is manufacture to comply with international standards. All dynamic pass boxes conform to GMP, CE, and ISO certification. It is usable in broad areas such as chemical research laboratories, semiconductor production, pharmaceutical industries, electronic and food processing industry. 

The Zonsteel dynamic pass box is perfect for space applications, chemical industry, life science, biomedical, and diagnostics labs. Can be fit in both classified and non-classified areas. 

As a dynamic pass box manufacturer, we at Zonsteel offer products at affordable factory prices. Having long successful experience in designing and manufacturing, we can present you with the best dynamic pass box. 

If you want more info about the dynamic pass box, please feel free to get in touch with us right away. We have 24/7 sales support! 

Dynamic Pass Box: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

If you want to become an expert in dynamic pass boxes, you need to read this article.

This article can guide you when you are planning to purchase or install dynamic pass boxes.

Keep on reading!

What is Dynamic Pass Box?

The dynamic pass boxes are cubicle boxes. Also, it has an interlocked door on both sides. The dynamic pass box can protect the environment from pollutes.

The arrangement of the dynamic pass box fits with LED indicators to determine whether the door is open.

Dynamic Pass Box
Dynamic Pass Box


What is the Difference Between Dynamic Pass Box and Static Pass Box?

Static Pass Box

Static pass box is helpful in the pharmaceutical industry. The use of a stationary box is to transfer the specific material in two areas. It can move from high level to bottom level of cleanliness. While it transfers the material, a static pass box will prevent the air from flowing from one area to another.

It is usually made from powder-coated steel.

Additionally, the static pass box has UV lights, doors, and fluorescent lamps made from stainless steel. They are designed to operate with the slightest personnel movement. The stationary pass box can’t use to move materials between a non-clean room and a cleanroom.

Static Pass Box
Static Pass Box

Dynamic Pass Box

The dynamic pass box has an interlock guard system. It can control both the inlet and outlet. Because of that, loose particles like dirt will remove from the materials.

What’s more? A dynamic pass box fits with 0.3-micron stainless steel suction filters. It can supply about ten microns aluminum filter.

Aside from that, a dynamic pass box has a pressure gauge. It ranges from 0-25 MMWC. A dynamic pass box fits with a 1/5 HP motor blower to blow out dust.

Does Dynamic Pass Box Have UV Lights?

Yes. The dynamic pass box has UV lights to control microbial contaminants’ entry into the sterile area. The UV lights are located in all entry rooms inside and clean area exit rooms. It can operate by decontaminating passing airs.

Dynamic Pass Box with UV Lights
Dynamic Pass Box with UV Lights

What is the Purpose of Dynamic Pass Box?

Sterile access system (SAS) pass or transfer hatch is also referring to a pass box. It can operate as a blockade between different cleanliness level areas when materials need to transfer.

What is the Purpose of Dynamic Pass Box in Clean Room?

One of the cleanroom systems is the dynamic pass box. The materials are being transferred from and to another side. The dynamic pass box can prevent airborne cross-contamination.

How to Clean A Dynamic Pass Box?

Here are the steps on cleaning a dynamic pass box:

  1. Keep your dynamic pass box free from dust.
  2. Clean it with 70% alcohol before using it.
  3. Clean your dynamic pass box inside before starting any work or in the liquid spillage event when required.

How to Shutdown A Dynamic Pass Box?

For shutting down your dynamic pass box, please follow the steps:

  1. Disconnect all utilities.
  2. Clean the entire area of the dynamic pass box using 70% Isopropyl alcohol.
  3. You can record the UV burning details and differential pressure.
  4. The plate must expose to the dynamic pass box every working day.
  5. Dynamic pass box revalidation must perform every year.

What is the Use of Dynamic Pass Box in Radiology?

The dynamic pass box allows the cassettes to transfer from and to the darkroom. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about radiation or light entering. For completing radiation protection, the pass box’s doors will overlap into the cabinet lead liner.

What is the Use of Dynamic Pass in the Pharma Industry?

Dynamic pass boxes are the ideal device to transport items out and in cleanrooms. The dynamic pass boxes are practical for hospitals, laboratories, light-industrial environments, and pharmaceuticals. However, the box does not provide complete protection but can accommodate product transportation.

What is the Handling Procedure of Dynamic Pass Box?

During handling dynamic pass box, you need to consider these precautions:

  • The UV light must not glow, especially when opening the door.
  • Make sure that the dynamic pass box doors are properly closed.
  • Don’t open the pass box doors at once on both sides to avoid contamination.

How to Operate the Dynamic Pass Box?

  • The main power supply is switched ON.
  • The motor blower will start automatically after switching on the power supply.
  • Record the Magnehelic gauge and pressure differential after 30 minutes.
  • Turn ON the UV lights. Let the operation for 30 minutes.
  • You can turn OFF the UV lights after 30 minutes and go in the UV burning hour details according to Annexure-2.
  • The UV lights burning hours must check through its auto recorder.
  • The total burning hours of UV lights must be less than 1000 hours.
  • Replace a new UV light if it exceeds over 1000 working hours.
  • Press the release switch to open pass box doors.
  • Place the materials that are required.
  • While the materials are still in the pass box, the motor blower should switch ON continuously.
  • Replace the materials from the crate and close the pass box door.
  • If there is any drop in Magnehelic gauge pressure differential in the dynamic pass box,
  • Inform the professional maintenance personnel to perform pre-filter cleaning.

What Are the qualifications of Dynamic Pass Box?

The frequency of the dynamic pass box must be once in six months. The DPB qualifications are required if any monitoring failure. It is also necessary in case of maintenance, breakdown, and preventative maintenance. Additionally, the qualifications are necessary in case of installation location change as per schedule.

What are The Dynamic Pass Box Operational Test Qualifications?

Below are the tests that fulfill during qualifications:

DOP/PAO HEPA Filter Testing

Feed the DOP/PAO at the blower suction. The DOP/PAO is the measure to 100% upstream concentration. After the HEPA filter, you can do the scanning.

Air Velocity Test

You can start the pass box and take air velocity. You need to calibrate the anemometer by 6 inches away from the grill at five locations.

Particle Count Test

The particulate matter counter, which is calibrated, ensures the workstation’s particle count. You need to provide a clean sampling station. Before you take the particle count, you need to run the blower for one hour.

If you’re looking for a manufacturer to customize your dynamic pass box, you can come to Zonsteel.

We can help you find the right dynamic pass boxes that fit your requirements.

Contact us for more information.

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