Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

  • SS Sink Materials are Grade 304 or 316 at Least 1.0mm
  • 1 Station, 2 Station, and up to 5 Station Sink
  • Arc Inner Corner for Ease of Cleaning
  • Full Welding Offers Stronger SS Sink
  • Optional Features: Infrared Sensor, Eye Washer
  • Commercial Stainless Steel Sink
  • Commercial Stainless Steel Sink
  • Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

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Zonsteel commercial stainless steel sink can be widely used in manufacturing and research cleanrooms, hotels, and hospitals. The stainless steel grade 304 and 316 are the materials used to make these sinks. Options available with one station, two stations, and up to 5 stations for each unit.

Zonsteel always uses heavy gauge material to make commercial stainless steel sink with at least 1.0mm thickness. The manufacturing process is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our bending machine can handle very thick stainless steel, this enables the stainless steel sink part to have an arc shape. This shape is easy to clean thus eliminating bacteria from collecting. The rest of the work is done through the full welding process. This should make all commercial stainless steel sinks strong and last for years of use.

Zonsteel commercial stainless steel sink both pickled and passivated after welding to gain better corrosion resistance, a nicer look, and less dust accumulation. The surface will be polished according to your requirement on surface flatness.

Don’t want physical contact with the commercial stainless steel sink? Zonsteel stainless steel sink makes this possible with a faucet controlled by the infrared sensor, by pedal, or by knee-operation. This greatly eliminates contamination. No matter how many stations your stainless steel sink has, each faucet is independently controlled. Besides the faucet is the soap dispenser. The soap dispenser is also infrared sensor control.

Contact us to customize your Commercial Stainless Steel Sink now!
(L x W x H) mm
Floor sinkZSF-001900 x 1950 x6301 station
ZSF-0021600 x 1950 x6302 station
ZSF-0032000 x 1950 x6303 station
ZSF-0042400 x 1950 x6304 station
Wall mounted sinkZSW-001900 x 660 x 5801 station
ZSW-0021500 x 660 x 5802 station
ZSW-0031850 x 660 x 5803 station
ZSW-0042400 x 660 x 5804 station
Supply free standing on floor type or wall mounted type
Arc construct, each cleaning
Whole structure 1.2mm stainless steel grade 304, sink part is 1.5mm
Silence type and anti-splash
Built-in thermostat, water temperature maximum 46 °C
Water-proofing mirror optional
LED light optional
Water heater optional
Sink surface be treated, more anti-corrosive, nicer looking
Laminar flow faucet head optional, independent faucet
Eye wash facility attachment optional
Infrared water control optional
Knee-operated soap dispenser optional, independent dispenser
Digital timer optional
Divider screen optional
1 year warranty and lifetime technical support
Packing method: film and wooden case
15-20 dasy delivery time
PDF Catalog

Commercial Stainless Steel Sink: The Complete Guide

Do you want a mirror and LED light for your commercial stainless steel sink? If the answer is Yes, then know that it is possible to add them. Zonsteel reinforces the packing for mirror sinks to prevent damage during sea freight.

Zonsteel commercial stainless steel sink used in the hospital could be added as an eye washer. It will be set up beside the faucet. When the knob is pulled, the eye washer also comes on.

We cannot miss mentioning the thermostat and timer present in our commercial stainless steel sink.

Zonsteel commercial stainless steel sink is durable, convenient, and safe. It is the best stainless steel sinks you can buy today! Contact us today to start your commercial stainless steel sink business!

Commercial Stainless Steel Sink: The Complete FAQs Guide

We all have used stainless steel sinks before. They are readily available in our homes, and we find them useful in cleaning dishes, among other uses? What about the commercial stainless steel sink? Having the word commercial means it gets more applications. That is what this guide is all about. It helps you understand what a commercial stainless steel sink is and where best to use it.

What is a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

A Sample Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

Figure 1 A Sample of Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

A commercial stainless steel sink is like any other sink, only that it is designed to accommodate more features to make it ideal for commercial applications.

Some of the additional features include knee operation, infrared control, timer, soap dispenser, bigger size, and more. It is easy to see how it can be an excellent option for various industries.

The best part is that Zonsteel has several commercial stainless steel sink models available. As a result, you would pick the right one for the application you might have in mind.

What are the Applications of a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

Being stainless steel generally makes such sinks to be highly durable and versatile. It is why you will find them being commonly used in hotels, cleanrooms, hospitals, and many research and manufacturing centers.

The idea of such commercial stainless steel sinks is to help the user clean their hands without the chances of cross-contamination. As such, you will find them even being popular in the cleanrooms. We all know how important it is to maintain cleanroom integrity.

The sink is common in hospitals, especially where the surgeons have to use it to clean before getting into the surgery room. No surgeon wants to touch the faucet after washing their hands. You will notice that the sinks can be knee-operated, eliminating the need to touch the faucet.

As for the hotels, it is nice to have people cleaning properly before getting down to have a meal. Luckily, these commercial stainless steel sinks will be the right choice if you own a hotel.

What is the Best Stainless Steel Gauge for Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

An Installed Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

Figure 2 An Installed Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

Rather than using the 16-gauge stainless steel sink, it is best to get the Zonsteel one. This is because it is made using stainless steel gauge 304 or 316. As you can see, the resultant stainless steel will live up to regular use, which in this case will be commercial. If it were for home use, the 16-gauge stainless steel sink would be good enough.

Let us say you are new to using the Zonsteel commercial stainless steel sinks; what is the difference between the two gauges of stainless steel Zonsteel uses?

The major difference between gauge 304 and 316 is the presence of molybdenum in the 316 gauge. This material is crucial for hardening and strengthening the steel, ensuring it can handle more strain and be used in different demanding applications.

The stainless steel 316 will also have more nickel than stainless steel 304. As such, it can fight corrosion more, especially in an environment full of chloride sources.

Even with the differences between the two gauges, they are both durable and will provide the user with excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

The 304 steel is still a top choice for many because it is versatile and cheaper than the 316 gauge. As a result, you would pick it if you want an affordable commercial sink for general applications.

The 316 gauge Zonsteel uses costs more because of its higher corrosion resistance. It is used when the environment is likely to have chlorinated solutions and chlorides.

Do not worry if you are still unsure where to begin choosing a commercial stainless steel sink based on its gauge. Zonsteel is here to help you pick the right one, depending on where you want to use it.

How Durable is a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

Controls of a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

Figure 3 Controls of a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

If you are going to invest in a drop-in stainless-steel sink, then it is best to consider getting yourself something durable. That is what you get with the Zonsteel commercial stainless steel sink. It is estimated that such a sink will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Most of the time, you only need to wipe or wash the sink with approved cleaning solutions, and that is it.

The electronics might need upgrading over the years, but the sink itself will last for long. Remember that most of the electronics are optional.

You can always read reviews about the durability of the commercial stainless steel sinks from Zonsteel to see how long you will enjoy using your new sink.

What Makes Zonsteel Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks a Top Choice?

Zonsteel is a preferred brand in making commercial stainless steel sinks for the following reasons:

– The stainless steel used in the manufacturingprocess is either 304 or 316 gauge. The result is that you now have a highly durable commercial sink that will serve you for years to come. The two gauges will also remain corrosion resistant, considering they will be exposed to water a lot.

– The sinks are available in different configurations. This is based on the number of stations each sink can hold. You can have anywhere from one up to five stations per unit.

– Zonsteel is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. These two mean that the sink will always live up to your needs of using it in a cleanroom. Most people looking to get this sink need something good for their cleanroom integrity.

– The installation is generally easy. If you do not have the skills and tools for installation, you can always ask Zonsteel to help with the process. Still, you can always get a professional locally to help with the process.

– The sinks also have essential accessories crucial for making them suitable for various applications. Such include mirrors, LED lights, heaters, eye washers, and more. It is always nice to have some warm water coming out of the faucet. A mirror can be great to see if you have cleaned appropriately, let us say in a hotel.

– The sinks come with various methods of activation. They include infrared sensors, pedal, or knee-operated. There is no doubt you will enjoy having a hands-free operation with your commercial stainless steel sink.

The feature list can go on for long. This shows there is so much you can achieve by using a commercial stainless steel sink from Zonsteel. So, request a quote to see how much the sink retails and learn more features from the catalog the company will provide.

Why is Pickling Important for Zonsteel Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks?

Before and After Pickling of Stainless Steel

Figure 4 Before and After Pickling of Stainless Steel

To ensure the commercial stainless steel sink can last for longer, Zonsteel will conduct several surface treatments on the sink. Such treatments include pickling, passivation, and electropolishing.

Pickling is the process of removing the top oxidized layer on the surface of stainless steel. This is done mostly after welding so that you can end up restoring the properties of stainless steel. The process is done by chemical dipping at the Zonsteel factory.

In addition to pickling, the sink can also go through passivation and electropolishing, which are all critical for improving the stainless steel sink’s overall durability, help it achieve its shine, and improve corrosion resistance.

How Are the Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks Operated?

These best stainless steel sinks are mostly used in places where there is a need to maintain cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination. It is why there is a need for several ways of turning on the faucet.

Other than the normal operation of touching the faucet to turn it on, the commercial stainless steel sinks from Zonsteel can be infrared, pedal, or knee-operated.

The pedal and knee-operated models are the most common. This means that you will always have the option of not touching the faucet. The whole operation is quite easy, and it will feel normal.

The infrared sensor option is for those who want to integrate more technology into their commercial stainless steel sinks.

What Are Some of the Accessories that Come with the Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

The most common accessories people choose when buying commercial stainless steel sinks include mirrors and LED lights. Do not worry, as the packaging is further reinforced to ensure the mirror gets to the destination still intact.

The thermostat being present means there is a heater too as part of the sink. The heater is important to help you enjoy warm water while washing your hands. The thermostat will further ensure that the water temperature remains within the safe range for human use.

There is also a soap dispenser. This will ensure you can clean your hands better with the soap available as part of the sink. The soap dispenser can be integrated into the infrared sensor to dispense the soap when the water starts to flow.

Why is an Eye Washer Important as Part of the Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

You may be working in a hospital or an environment likely to have eye irritants. That is why you need to get yourself a commercial stainless steel sink with an eye washer as part of the accessories. The eye washer will help clean and refresh your eyes, soothe any burning or irritated eyes, and remove chlorinated water.

What Sizes Are Available for Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

When you want a stainless steel utility sink freestanding model, the size is quite important. The standard size that Zonsteel makes is as below.

Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Standard Size

Figure 5 Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Standard Size

However, that is not the only option as there are more customizations that can go into making the commercial stainless steel sink. This is where you can choose the right size of sink depending on the space available to set it up.

Another thing that will affect the size includes the number of stations the commercial stainless steel sink has as part of the construction. You can have one, two, or up to five washing stations per unit. If you want more washing stations, you will have to opt for a larger stainless steel sink size.

What Materials Are Used for Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Legs?

A Three Station Commercial Stainless Steel Sink with Mirrors

Figure 6 A Three Stations Commercial Stainless Steel Sink with Mirrors

The commercial stainless steel sink legs will mostly be made of rubber, plastic, or stainless steel 304 material. These are all materials you can easily clean and still remain durable. It is easy to see how you can maintain the overall cleanliness of a cleanroom if you can clean the stainless steel sink easily.

Will the Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Use A lot of Power?

No. The commercial stainless steel sink, in most cases, will use less energy compared to some other utilities. The only time power is used is when heating the water. Considering it is not a continuous process, then it will not consume a lot of energy.

Another thing is that even if the commercial stainless steel sink has LED lights as part of the package, these are the most energy-efficient lights you can ever use. It is then easy to see why you would want to buy the sink, knowing it will not use too much power.

How Many Compartments Does a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Have?

The commercial stainless steel sink can have one or up to five compartments as part of the design. If you have more people using the sink at any given time, it is best to consider something with more compartments. Zonsteel is always flexible to accommodate your needs for more compartments.

Can You Have Multiple Faucets in a Single Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

Yes. If you end up having more stations per unit, then each unit will have a faucet. So, specify the number of stations you would want in the commercial stainless steel sink with drainboard, and Zonsteel will make it possible.

What is the Importance of a Timer in a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

Since you will not need to use your hand to operate the commercial stainless steel sink, it is best if it has a timer. Zonsteel uses the timer to keep the water running for a few seconds more after you finish washing your hands. The timer is generally essential to wash off any dirt in the sink and also prevent water wastage.

Commercial Stainless Steel Sink vs. Stainless Steel Wash Basin. Which One to Choose?

The biggest difference is the size. A stainless steel wash basin will be bigger in size in most cases. As such, it would be best suited for areas with more traffic. Also, the wash basin is deeper in terms of the washing space. That is not the same with the commercial stainless steel sink which can be shallower.

So, to choose between the two, it will largely depend on the application. If you need something larger, go for the wash basin.

How Should You Clean a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink?

Cleaning a commercial stainless steel sink is not hard if you know what to do. Consider cleaning the sink daily to remove any residues from the sink. Combine this with weekly cleansing this time using a soft abrasive cleaner. Use the normal cleaners for your steel sink. So long as they are mild cleaners, they should be safe for your stainless steel sink.

Also, consider to scrub in the polish lines direction. This is to ensure that you do not end up with a sink having too many scratches over the years.

If you decide to use strong soaps and detergents, rinse the surface immediately after washing. This will help remove the chlorides, which would otherwise lead to corrosion.


It is now easy to understand what a commercial stainless steel sink is all about. What is important is that you always get the right one from the various options that Zonsteel offers to its customers.

If you ever feel like you are stuck or need help choosing the best commercial stainless steel sink, talk to our team for assistance. The company is ready to direct you to choose the right product.

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