Cleanroom Table

  • Custom Cleanroom Table Sizes
  • Material SS304 or SS316 with at Least 1.0mm thickness
  • Anti-Corrosive Cleanroom Table
  • Multiple Table Surface Treatment Options
  • Arc Shape Table Edges
  • Cleanroom Table
  • Cleanroom Table
  • Cleanroom Table

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A cleanroom table needs to be durable, rust-resistant, offer convenient operation, and easy to move. The surface must be treated to be corrosion-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant. Some cleanroom condition requires table with holes, in order not to block cleanroom airflow. Zonsteel offers the right tables for you!

Zonsteel cleanroom table made of stainless steel 304 and 316, with at least 1.0mm thickness, up to 1.5mm or thicker. The table thickness is based on required loading. Not the best is the thickness, the best is matching your needs on loading, and cost-efficient.

Zonsteel cleanroom table edges are bent by a CNC bending machine. This results in a beautiful arc shape. Such a shape is safe for usability and makes cleaning easy.

Zonsteel cleanroom table adopts full welding. Compared to spot welding, the welded part is stronger to last more years. The entire table surface will be treated after welding. According to your requirements on flatness, the treatment options include stainless steel wire drawing, electropolishing, and others.

Contact us to customize your Cleanroom Table now!
SS3041mm 1.1mm 1.2mmW350 * L2000 * H500mm or
Customized other size
Smooth or perforated meshTable top is double layersRubber/ Plastic/ SS304
Other features:
Laser cutting
Arc corner easy clean
Surface treatment type:  stainless steel wire drawing, electropolishing etc.
Heavy loading table top filled with aluminum honey comb
Universal wheel optional
Adjustable leg optional
Certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14001
Delivery time 15 days
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Cleanroom Table: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel cleanroom table could be customized with different sizes, different layers. Also, you can add a drawer and universal wheels. The wheels we use are silent as they are covered by rubber. This is important for a clean environment.

Zonsteel cleanroom table delivery time is 15 days. Every table will be strictly tested before shipping. The table is then packed correctly for sea or railway freight. Zonsteel handles all the orders seriously, no matter big or small.

Zonsteel is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We own an advanced cleanroom furniture production line. Our strong technical department can help you get the proper furniture fit for your cleanroom needs, either for manufacturing or research process. Zonsteel has years of experience in cleanroom building for various industries such as medical, IT, food, new energy, etc.

Call us today to start your cleanroom table business, order or not, we are always happy to have your contact!

Cleanroom Table: The Complete FAQs Guide

As the name suggests, a cleanroom table will be suitable for holding different items when working on a project. For most people, it will be their workstation.

If a cleanroom table is necessary cleanroom furniture for you, this FAQ guide will help you learn more. Let us see what it is all about.

Why are the Cleanroom Tables Necessary?

A Cleanroom Table

Figure 1 A Cleanroom Table

A cleanroom table is considered necessary to provide a working platform while in the cleanroom. It can still be used for storage sometimes. You only have to store items on it if you plan on using them more often. So, they have to be within quick reach.

The various features of the cleanroom table make it an ideal fit for industries such as food, IT, medical, new energy, and more.

So long as you need a table that can be useful in a cleanroom environment, the best option is to consider a cleanroom table.

Its use is versatile. This is because the same can be used in other places that might need a strong table. Most of the time, you do not need to replace cleanroom tables. Their durability can span over decades if well taken care of.

What Features of Cleanroom Tables Make Them Ideal for Cleanroom Use?

You are probably interested in getting yourself a cleanroom table. However, what makes these cleanroom tables good for cleanroom use? Here are notable features of the cleanroom tables.

-A cleanroom table is durable. The stainless-steel material will ensure you never have to worry about corrosion while remaining durable.

-The tables are easy to move around. This is because they can be equipped with wheels. The wheels will also make it easier to move any heavy items on the table.

-Zonsteel adopts the use of full welding as part of ensuring the cleanroom table is strong and does not start to come apart in a few years.

-Cleaning of the cleanroom table is generally easy. It is advisable to follow normal stainless-steel cleaning methods. This will leave you with a cleanroom table that can handle regular use in the cleanroom.

-You will also get multiple size customizations. Who would not want a cleanroom table that can handle their applications better? Well, Zonsteel promises to help you get the right size if the standard sizes available will not appeal to you.

The features list can keep going on. You should get the idea that you are buying a high-quality cleanroom table that would be a nice option for various options.

Suppose you want more details on the cleanroom table, request for the product catalog. It will help you understand more of its features and why you need to get one.

What is the Weight Capacity of a Cleanroom Table?

Cleanroom Table Details

Figure 2 Cleanroom Table  Details

The weight capacity can vary from one model to another.

The cleanroom table will have more weight capacity because of the design and materials to make it. The legs will mostly be reinforced to ensure the cleanroom table has the best weight capacity. There is no doubt you can now use it to hold different items in the cleanroom.

Is it Necessary to Clean the Cleanroom Table More Often?

Since its primary location of use is a cleanroom, maintaining its overall cleanliness is crucial. At this point, the table needs to be cleaned after every use professionally. As such, you will be able to maintain overall cleanroom integrity.

When cleaning the cleanroom table, you have to consider the cleanroom cleaning protocols too. This means you have to use the cleanroom approved cleaning solutions.

Some solutions are known to erode stainless steel. So, consider using mild cleaners whose aim is only to remove the dirt and maintain the cleanroom table’s overall look.

If you are stuck on how to clean the cleanroom table, checking out your product manual should give you an idea of what you are supposed to do.

What Makes the Cleanroom Table Strong?

Zonsteel prefers using stainless steel 304 and 316. These two grades of stainless steel are all about performance and durability. You will never have to worry about them not living up to your needs for the best durability.

These grades of stainless steel are also good at being resistant to chemicals. Since you might be working in a research facility, the cleanroom table might be exposed to chemicals. Do not let that worry you much as the tables will still be in good condition.

Another thing that improves the strength of the cleanroom table is the use of the full welding method. This welding method ensures that the joints maintain their integrity for years. Still, it is better than spot welding.

The stainless-steel material used in the construction of cleanroom tables also has different thicknesses. If you want a cleanroom table that can hold more weight, then go for the thickest stainless-steel material. It will be 1.2mm in thickness.

Why is Passivating Important in Cleanroom Table Construction?

As part of making the cleanroom table better, it is likely to go through the passivation process. The process involves enhancing the stainless-steel material by immersing it in an acidic passivating bath. This will leave you with a metal having better corrosion resistance.

The passivating method will also extend the life span of the cleanroom table. You will not have to worry about corrosion anytime soon. Still, the method will remove the contaminants from the surface of the cleanroom table. This means the surface will look better.

Does Zonsteel Allow for Customization of Cleanroom Tables?

Zonsteel is synonymous with customization. As much as Zonsteel will have multiple size options for cleanroom tables, it is good to know you can get more customization with the brand.

The customization will mostly be about the size. This is where the client can choose the preferred size option for the manufacturer to make.

That is not all, as you can also choose the body type you want. The options include smooth or perforated mesh. Different body styles might be recommended for different applications.

The client still has the option of customizing the layers the table can have. If you need to hold more items at a given time, it is good to get multiple layers. Some even add drawers to keep some of the items from rolling off the table. It is easy to see how Zonsteel will make the right cleanroom table for your cleanroom.

Will the Cleanroom Tables Have Wheels?

Clean Room Table with Wheels

Figure 3 Clean Room Table with Wheels

Yes. This is a customizable option the company offers. The cleanroom table will be fitted with wheels if you need it to be easily portable. You will simply load it with the items you need and move it across the cleanroom.

The cleanroom table wheels are designed to be silent. They will not be a major cause of distraction when moving the table across the floor. Still, they are covered by rubber to avoid scraping the floor as you move the table around.

The wheels are still lockable to keep them from moving around easily. This is necessary to keep the table stationary when you want to use it for a project.

Does Zonsteel Offer Quality Assurance on their Cleanroom Tables?

Quality checks are part of Zonsteel’s processes to ensure the client gets the best product all the time. The checks are done on the cleanroom table before it leaves the factory for shipping. This means the company will make sure the customer is receiving a high-quality product always.

Why is the Cleanroom Table Body Perforated?

The cleanroom table body needs holes or perforations to make sure that there will be proper airflow in the cleanroom.

Well, there will be more design options from Zonsteel. However, all of them will be great in ensuring that the airflow is not restricted.

How Can You Maintain the Cleanliness of a Cleanroom Table?

Maintaining cleanliness of the cleanroom table is important for the operation of a cleanroom. Here are a few tips to get you going.

-Dirt deposits such as dust, dirt, fingermarks, and others can easily be removed. Use warm or hot water with a mild detergent to remove them. Do not use carbon steel brushes as they might leave particles behind in the cleanroom.

-In the case of ink, use a solvent such as alcohol or xylene. Once the ink is removed, rinse the area with warm or hot water to remove as much residue as possible.

-You might also end up with some oil deposits. They can be easily removed by using xylene or isopropyl alcohol. Do not use solvents such as acetone or methyl alcohol as they do not work. They are also flammable and might leave residues behind.

-Adhesives can be removed by using mineral spirits, xylene, or alcohol. If you end up with streaking on the surface, a glass cleaner or similar cleaner can be a nice option to remove the streaks.

-If you end up with water scales on the stainless-steel surface, using vinegar can remove them. This should be followed by more water to clean the table better. Sometimes you can use a mild abrasive to deal with stubborn scales. However, take care not to scratch deeply into the surface.

What are the Types of Steel Used in Making Cleanroom Tables?

Zonsteel has invested a lot in making sure the cleanroom tables are of high-quality. The most notable stainless-steel grades used in making cleanroom tables include SS304 and SS316.

You might be wondering what the difference between the two is. Well, these two are still mechanically sound; however, the SS316 will be better overall. It is why it would be an ideal option for those who might want a cleanroom table to hold more weight.

Another difference is that SS316 will be more resistant to chemicals, acids, alkali, and more. As such, you would be sure to find more applications for such a cleanroom table type.

Do not worry, as Zonsteel will always advise you more on which grade of stainless steel you should consider getting depending on the application.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Picking a Cleanroom Table?

A Clean Room Table with a Perforated Top

Figure 4 A Clean Room Table with a Perforated Top

Choosing a cleanroom table should not be hard when you have all the information. Here are a few things worth keeping in mind when seeking the right cleanroom table.

Look at the size. The size generally determines the type of work you will do on such a table. If you need to handle larger tasks, go for the bigger tables. Keep in mind that bigger tables will take up more space in the cleanroom.

The table height. Consider a cleanroom with adjustable height or the right height for different employees. This will ensure the table can be ergonomic to make the employees comfortable.

The storage. Sometimes you can opt for drawers or shelves to be part of the cleanroom table. This will help you achieve better use of the cleanroom table as it holds commonly used items.

The weight capacity. Each table can hold a rated amount of weight. It is then crucial to remain within that weight limit to prevent buckling or breaking the table. Depending on the cleanroom equipment you want to set up on the cleanroom table, choose the right table.

The material. The cleanroom material will determine if the table can be allowed into the cleanroom. It is why Zonsteel models are made of stainless steel material. Such a material should be good for a cleanroom.

Cleanroom Tables, Workstations, and Workbenches. What is the Difference?

A cleanroom table is designed for lighter purposes, but sometimes it can be reinforced to handle more weight. The tables can be versatile cleanroom furniture where they can be used to hold equipment, work as a desk, or be a workspace for handling detailed tasks.

The workbenches are designed for withstanding greater weight compared to the cleanroom tables. You will find them having sturdy steel frames that are also powder-coated to prevent corrosion. Also, they would be great for manufacturing and assembly industries.

Workstations are typically what you would use for work or assembling small parts in a cleanroom. Most of the time, they are used to hold equipment such as microscopes and other small equipment in a cleanroom. They often have adjustable height options to help in making the user comfortable to handle their work better.

What is the Cost of Cleanroom Tables for Sale?

To get an exact cost of a cleanroom table, send the company a request for quotation. This is because the cost can vary depending on a lot of factors. Getting a quote is the only sure way of understanding the cost of a cleanroom table.

When requesting a quote, ensure you specify as much as possible about what you want to be included on the cleanroom table.

The team can also help you understand what kind of customization options are available for you to get.

Can You Buy Cleanroom Tables from Zonsteel Overseas?

Yes. Cleanroom tables can be sold to people in different parts of the world. This is because Zonsteel offers overseas shipping for cleanroom tables.

The sales team will get all the information necessary from you during the order purchase process. This should help the teamwork on a logistics plan to get the cleanroom tables to your location.

How Soon Can You Start Using Your Cleanroom Table?

Clean Room Table with Two Layers

Figure 5 Clean Room Table with Two Layers

At this point, you will be concerned about the delivery time. Do not be concerned anymore as Zonsteel is known for sticking to the timeline given.

On average, you will be looking at a delivery time of 15 days. For most people, this is a good time from production to delivery.

Sometimes it can be slightly longer if you choose to place a huge order. Nevertheless, the modern production line at Zonsteel generally makes it easier for the company to deliver orders faster.

Delivering faster does not mean the products are of inferior quality. You will always get high-quality products from the brand.


If the guide above has shed more light on what a cleanroom table is all about, then you should be ready to get yourself one or several. The customer care team can help you with the whole process after contacting them.

If the guide does not have all the information you need, talk to the Zonsteel team about your inquiries. You will get your answers within 24 hours if you send an email.

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