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Zonsteel is your no.1 partner if you need a cleanroom lab for your manufacturing or scientific research. We are a GB/T19001-ISO9001 certified company with 20 years of experience. We provide full solutions for your cleanroom lab equipment and components, including cleanroom lab panels, windows, furniture, etc.

Depending on the cleanroom lab classification or function, always rely on Zonsteel. Clean Room Lab varies in size and complexity, extensively utilized in medical devices, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and so on. Custom your cleanroom lab with Zonsteel!


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Clean Room Lab

Specializes in Clean Room Lab Design, Clean Room Lab Panels, Clean Room Lab Doors, Clean Room Lab Windows, Modular Clean Room Lab

Zonsteel professional engineers provide you top quality and excellent service on your cleanroom lab designs according to URS

Laboratory Doors

You can choose the cleanroom doors for your cleanroom lab with various colors, materials, types, etc.

Clean Room Lab Sandwich Panel

It is used as ceilings or walls.  Clean Room Lab Panels are available in any RAL color.

Clean Room Lab Windows

We can provide Clean Room Lab Windows with your choice made from aluminum or stainless steel frame. Good sealing and no fog.

Clean Room Lab Floors

Zonsteel has sufficient stock of Clean Room Lab Floors for your needs. With different ventilation rates.

Clean Room Lab Airfilters

Zonsteel can produce primary air filters, sub-high efficiency filters, high-efficiency filters and ultra-high efficiency filters at a very affordable price.

Modular Clean Room Lab

Zonsteel has rich experienced on modular clean room lab production, turnkey project for your business.

Clean Room Lab Shelving

Our clean room lab shelving is design with high standard workmanship, durability and sustainability.

Clean Room Lab Stainless Steel Basin

Customized size, available at thickness 1.0mm or above. This product can help you to improve the hygiene standards of your lab.

Clean Room Lab Benches

The standard size is W350*L2000 *H500mm but we can custom your cleanroom lab benches depending on your request.

Clean Room Lab Tables

Zonsteel Clean Room Lab Tables have high-temperature resistance, are moisture-proof, and have a long service span.

Clean Room Lab Storage Cabinets

Clean Room Lab Storage Cabinets vary from four doors to 40 doors depending on your application or requirements.

Why Zonsteel Clean Room Lab

  • One-stop solution clean room lab provider
  • Completed countless modular cleanroom lab projects
  • 20+ years of growing and manufacturing quality products
  • Have the strong ability of cost-control and QC
  • Top quality and excellent service

Zonsteel - Your Leading Clean Room Lab Manufacturer

Zonsteel is an expert clean room lab manufacturer since 2003. We have accumulated experience in clean room lab engineering, clean room lab production, clean room lab shipping, clean room lab installation, clean room operation, and clean room lab maintenance. We are supported by skilled and professional 300+ workers, HVAC engineers, structural engineers, architects, and designers. We utilize advanced software including X-Steel, PVDF, CAD, BIM, and Revit. Zonsteel obtained EPC qualification and GB/T19001-ISO9001 certifications.

If you’re here looking for a clean room lab, you’ve come to the right place. Zonsteel is a professional clean room lab manufacturer that you can trust.

Together with China’s popular cleanroom design company CESE, and our unique R&D team, allow us to complete countless modular cleanroom lab projects serving both locally and overseas customers.  Contact us today to start your cleanroom lab design. We perform many types of experiments and evaluations to perfect your cleanroom lab environments.

Zonsteel Cleanroom Lab is a containment area commonly used in performing scientific research, experiments, analysis, clinical trials, and laboratory testing. It is a controlled environment with low pollutants such as aerosol particles, airborne microbes, dust, and chemical vapors.

We Are Professional Clean Room Lab Component Manufacturer
  • Scientific Research
  • Experiments
  • Analysis
  • Clinical Trials
  • Laboratory Testing


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Zonsteel – Clean Room Lab Best Manufacturing Company


Zonsteel is your ultimate choice if you’re looking for a cleanroom lab to perform various types of experiments and evaluations such as experiments to verify airflow, temperature, measurement of chemical substances emanating from construction materials, decontamination system testing, analysis of chemical substances in the air, cell culturing related to regenerative medicine, and other work.

We have numerous cleanroom lab options available. It is easy for you to create an ideal controlled environment with Zonsteel. We can also provide Zonsteel Cleanroom Lab for you to perform experiments with actual large-scale manufacturing equipment or life-size models. Our Zonsteel Cleanroom Lab realizes the world’s highest cleanliness levels and moisture control. We can adjust the Zonsteel Cleanroom Lab cleanliness levels and ISO levels based on the specific research criteria of your organization.

Whether you’re a contract research group, pharmaceutical factory, or a medical institution that needs a cleanroom lab, Zonsteel has the cleanroom lab solution ideal for your requirements. You can trust and depend on Zonsteel services anytime. We can offer modern styles of cleanroom lab with durable and high-quality furniture and equipment such as cleanroom lab panels, clean room lab doors, and windows, air filters, floors, shelving, benches, etc.

Since our establishment in 1999, Zonsteel has dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing first-class cleanroom labs. We employ professional engineers, designers, and architects to provide fast and reliable assembly and installation for your needs.

We offer traditional Zonsteel Cleanroom Lab manufacturing. But we will also cater to your custom cleanroom lab designs according to your unique technical requirements. We can build a customized cleanroom lab with your material choice, techniques, and other specific layouts. Just send your stipulations, and we will handle the rigorous process.

Aside from cleanroom lab manufacturing, we provide one-stop solution for your GMP cleanroom fabrication, pharmaceutical clean room, hospital cleanroom, cleanroom ceiling system, operating room door needs, etc. We will be happy to work closely with you in exploring new opportunities and growing our business!

For further information, please email us at, or call us!


Cleanroom Lab – FAQs Guide

This comprehensive guide answers some of your concerns about the cleanroom lab.

So, before you buy or install a cleanroom lab, you must read this guide.

It will help you choose a cleanroom lab that meets your unique requirements and needs.

Let’s dive right in.


What Is a Cleanroom Lab?

A cleanroom lab is an enclosed space that’s free from airborne particles.

In this room, the concentration of airborne particles and temperature, humidity, statics, and pressure are controlled.


Clean Room Lab

Figure 1 Clean Room Lab

It is built to minimize the generation and retention of particles.

A room that’s cleaner than anywhere else, with tight controls on the air you breathe.

Typically, this means the concentration of everything in it will be carefully controlled and limited.

You can work in a cleanroom lab comfortably.


What’s the Difference Between a Lab and a Cleanroom?

A laboratory is an area or room where experiments, scientific research, and testing, as well as certain manufacturing kinds of products can be done.

For these facilities to maintain standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), they must make sure that there aren’t too many particles in the area.

Sometimes these places also require incredibly high standards to maintain purity within themselves.

Clean rooms are often used in the medical field, where products like blood or surgery instruments must be kept sterile.

A cleanroom must meet specific standards for the number of particles allowed inside it before going on with their work.

Clean Room Laboratory

Figure 2 Clean Room Laboratory


What are the Particles Can Cleanroom Lab Filtered Out?


-Airborne Microbes

-Aerosol Particles

And other controlled factors are :





If these particles are controlled or filtered out, your products are safe and protected from contamination or any conditions that could compromise the integrity of your processes.

You can ensure your product quality, integrity, and safety.


What Industries Need Cleanroom Lab?

-Semiconductor Manufacturing

-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

-Aerospace And Defense Manufacturing

-Medical labs

-Computer labs

-Automotive Manufacturing Cleanroom

-Research facilities

-Electronic production room

-Food, Or Even Industrial Products

-Nanotechnology production and more


Are Cleanroom Lab Walls Durable and Strong?

Yes, of course.

There are several types of walls made from various durable materials.

These materials meet stringent quality standards.

Each type of wall has its benefits and advantages.

It features impact-resistant and long-lasting.

This can hold up to your working conditions for many years.

Hardwall cleanroom walls are made of:

  1. Fiberglass,
  2. Aluminum,
  3. Insulated Sandwich Panel
  4. Plastic Laminate,
  5. Reinforced Plastic

Softwall and rigidwall cleanroom walls are made of:

  1. Reinforced Plastic
  2. Plastic Laminate
  3. Vinyl

Clean Room Lab Insulated Sandwich Panel Wall

Figure 3 Clean Room Lab Insulated Sandwich Panel Wall


What is a Clean Room Lab Do and Dont’s?

People are the most significant subject in a cleanroom lab.

Most particulate contamination comes from people. That’s why they must consider several do’s and don’ts to maintain the cleanliness and gowning procedures in a cleanroom.

Your cleanroom lab will stay clean if you follow some of the following when entering a cleanroom lab.


  1. Workers should remove all decorative items in the body, including jewelry, watches, makeup, contact lenses, and other personal items.
  2. Do utilize only approved writing paper and pens.
  3. Go to the service area or gowning room when coughing and sneezing
  4. Do use best practices when it comes to airflow.


  1. Bring any personal belongings into the cleanroom, such as watches, pens, matches, or lighters.
  2. Do not wear any cosmetics into the cleanroom such as eyeliner, mascara, all sorts of hair products like hair sprays, hair gel, aftershaves, perfumes or scented lotions, fingernail polish, etc.
  3. Do not engage in any pranks or horseplay inside the cleanroom lab
  4. Do not lean on devices or surfaces
  5. Don’t allow unofficial personnel to enter the room.

There will be a possible particle that can enter even if you follow this procedure.

You can utilize cleanroom supplies for cleaning and sampling such as detergents, mops, wipes, cleaners, swabs, and more when that occurs.

Clean Room Lab Gowning Bench

Figure 4 Clean Room Lab Gowning Bench


How Fast Can I Start Using My Cleanroom?

Cleanroom labs are normally installed within two to four weeks.

Large clean rooms need more time compared to small rooms.

Creating a cleanroom has an industry standard of 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Choose the right manufacturer that can develop a cleanroom in a shorter amount of time.


What If I Need to Replace a Major Component of My Cleanroom?

Several manufacturers can help you with that. They offer all the materials needed in a cleanroom lab replacement and assist you with easy and fast installation.


Why do Laboratories Need a Cleanroom?

Controlling your lab environment is essential to ensure product quality, integrity, and safety. That’s why you must upgrade your lab into a cleanroom.

Laboratories need Cleanrooms because the air quality in a lab can’t meet regulatory requirements and international standards.

Cleanrooms Lab must meet regulatory requirements and international standards such as ISO 14644.

Clean Room Lab

Figure 5 Clean Room Lab


Does A Cleanroom Lab Control Sound?

Yes, of course.

But it depends on the type of walls and type of room you choose.

Manufacturers can specifically design a soundproof cleanroom lab for your requirements.


Can My Cleanroom Lab Be Relocated?

Yes, definitely. A cleanroom lab is a long-term investment that can move from one place to another.

A manufacturer can produce modular and portable Cleanroom Labs which are easily relocated.

They use components that are easy to disassemble and reinstall quickly.

Mobile Clean Room Lab

Figure 5 Mobile Clean Room Lab


Why Choose Zonsteel as Your Clean Room Lab Manufacturer?

Choosing the suitable Clean Room Lab Manufacturer is not easy. But China has a lot of manufacturers with rich experience in the industry, which you can rely on. Here are some of the reasons why you choose Zonsteel in China:

  1. Have the ability to manufacture multiple types of Clean Room Lab
  2. Professional with vast history and development
  3. Zonsteel offers customized production depending on your request
  4. Offer affordable cleanroom labs for the various applications
  5. Provide high-quality clean room lab
  6. Uses excellent and brand-new materials to guarantee the best longevity and durability for years
  7. Fast turn-around time
  8. 24/7 online assistance to support your project
  9. A company that understands client’s different needs for a cleanroom lab

If you have any concerns or questions about the cleanroom lab, contact us today!


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