Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer

Zonsteel as a leading clean room furniture manufacturer who uses high quality stainless steel 304 and 316. The CNC-bending machine ensures the bent edges are in arc shape. All stainless steel furniture after welding is then surface treated by a mechanical polish or electropolishing. All the cleanroom furniture is finished off by full welding. Zonsteel is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. We have rich experience in clean room furniture manufacturing in almost two decades. All clean room furniture is customizable. Contact us today directly to buy from best clean room furniture manufacturer.

  • Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer

Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer

Cleanroom Racks

Each Shelf Double Layers, Middle Filled with Aluminum Honeycomb Reinforcement

Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

Cabinet Material Stainles Steel 304 or 316, Advanced Production Line, Custom Made Compartment Quantities

Cleanroom Table

High Load-bearing, High Quality Stainless Steel, Advanced Processing Line

Cleanroom Trolley

Ergonomic Design Trolley, Rubber Covered Caster, High Quality Stainless Steel

Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

Durable and Convenient Stainless Steel Sink, 1 Station 2 Statioin 3 Station Options

Gowning Bench

Gowning Bench with Standard and Custom Made Size, with Shoes Lockers

Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

Sink Features are Optional, Wall Mounted and Free Standing Types

Stainless Steel Double Sink

Sink Features are Optional, Wall Mounted and Free Standing Types

Stainless Steel Wash Basin

Basin Features are Optional, Wall Mounted and Free Standing Types

3 Compartment Sink

Sink Features are Optional, Wall Mounted and Free Standing Types

Best Clean Room Furniture Supplier

  • Clean Room Furniture Size and Style Customized
  • Advanced Furniture Manufacturing Process
  • Surface Treatment to be More Anti-Corrosive
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certified Manufacturer
  • Delivery Time is 15 Days

Your Primer Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer

Zonsteel is a professional cleanroom furniture manufacturer. We has been in the cleanroom field for almost two decades, acquiring rich experience in clean room furniture manufacturing. Our stainless steel clean room furniture includes clean room shelving, clean room benches, gowning bench, stainless steel basin, commercial stainless steel sink, stainless steel wash basin, stainless steel double sink, 3 compartment sink, single bowl stainless steel sink, cleanroom trolley, stainless steel cleanroom tables.

Zonsteel is a clean room furniture manufacturer certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001. To fit for cleanroom condition, all the furniture made of stainless steel 304 or 316. This is because stainless steel has the best anti-corrosion properties, easy to clean, and works for various conditions.

We Are Professional Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer

Cleanroom Racks
Cleanroom Storage Cabinet
Cleanroom Table
Cleanroom Trolley
Commercial Stainless Steel Sink
Gowning Bench
Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless Steel Double Sink
Stainless Steel Wash Basin
3 Compartment Sink

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Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel only provides durable cleanroom furniture. All our clean room furniture could be customized to suit the your application. After agreed on order. Zonsteel laser cutting machine will cut stainless steel sheet according to production drawing to maximize material savings. And then bend the stainless steel sheet to the shape. This leaves you with an inner arch shape for the corners. Arc corners are easy to clean, and prevent bacteria from collecting.

The next work is welding, Zonsteel is always using full welding as it is stronger and lasts more years than spot welding. Also, there is no rust from the welding part. Now cleanroom furniture goes through the surface treatment process. Depending on the customer needs, either mechanical polishing or electropolishing is adopted. It ends up with a better anti-corrosion and a nicer look.

As a professional clean room furniture manufacturer, fast delivery time is very important. Zonsteel will need 15 days to do the production. Before shipping, clean room furniture will be well packed by pallet, carton, or bubble film depending on the specific furniture.

If you want to save freight cost, the furniture might not need to be fully assembled at the factory. The furniture can be shipped in parts and assembled after you received them.

Zonsteel clean room furniture has a one-year warranty. And Zonsteel also manufacturers other cleanroom components in addition to cleanroom furniture. Also, we offers cleanroom installation and maintenance.

Zonsteel is the best clean room furniture manufacturer. Contact us today to start your clean room furniture business!

Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer: The Complete FAQs Guide

A clean room is not complete without clean room furniture. It is why you need to find such type of furniture from a top-rated cleanroom furniture manufacturer such as Zonsteel. Here, you would get to learn more about the various options available to help you decide better. Let us learn more about clean room furniture and their respective applications in the guide below.

Why is Clean Room Furniture Important?

Several Cleanroom Furniture Options

Figure 1 Several Cleanroom Furniture Options

You can term the clean room furniture as the accessories that make up a functioning cleanroom. Such options include clean room benches, clean room shelves, stainless steel cleanroom sink, gowning benches, and more.

As you can see, they will be necessary from washing your hands to working on a project while in the cleanroom.

You do not have to buy all the cleanroom furniture Zonsteel offers at once. You are only supposed to get what you need based on the applications.

The team at Zonsteel will help you know which is the best cleanroom furniture to use in case you are not sure which one to pick.

What Types of Clean Room Furniture Does Zonsteel Make?

Zonsteel has managed to be at the helm of top clean room furniture manufacturers thanks to the different options it offers as the cleanroom furniture. Here are the top choices you can get from the brand.

– Clean room shelving

– Clean room benches

– Gowning benches

– Stainless steel basin

– Commercial stainless steel sink

– Stainless steel wash basin

– Stainless steel double sink

– Cleanroom trolley

– Cleanroom tables

– Single bowl stainless steel sink and more.

As you can see, this is quite a comprehensive list of clean room furniture any person would want to get for making their cleanroom functional.

Which Industries Does a Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer Serve?

The application of cleanroom furniture is in the name of the product. You will find such type of furniture mostly being used in clean rooms of different industries. Let us say you are into research and manufacturing; then, cleanroom furniture will be necessary. The same applies to hospitals or pharmaceutical companies working on different drugs. There is the need to ensure cleanroom integrity is maintained, and Zonsteel as a clean room furniture manufacturer will make it possible.

Why is Zonsteel a Preferred Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer?

Since there are several clean room furniture manufacturers in the market, what makes Zonsteel a preferred choice? Here are some reasons.

– Experience is a significant driver for most customers who come to Zonsteel. The company has two decades of experience. As such, it will always have your back when it comes to making quality clean room furniture you need.

– The company also has a newer and modern production line. It is how the company has managed to deliver on shorter turnaround times consistently. If you are looking for clean room furniture to be delivered fast, talk to Zonsteel.

– Zonsteel is all about making durable furniture for your cleanroom. It is how the company has managed to make the best clean room furniture using stainless steel. If you check out the different furniture types, you will quickly notice they are made of stainless steel material.

– Zonsteel is among the companies that offer competitive prices for its clean room furniture. So, many people will find the brand being good at helping them save more while getting the best quality clean room furniture.

Is Zonsteel ISO Certified as a Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer?

An Employee Using a Gowning Bench

Figure 2 An Employee Using a Gowning Bench

Yes. Zonsteel is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. This is good news for those who were worried about the quality of cleanroom furniture the company makes.

ISO9001 means that the company has met the international standards on quality management systems. As such, Zonsteel has been able to deliver products that meet the customer and regulatory requirements consistently.

The ISO14001 means that Zonsteel has met the requirements for having an effective environmental management system. The company will adhere to the different environmental management requirements, even when it still strives to ensure the customer gets the best products in the end.

Such ISO certification helps more people feel it was worth investing in Zonsteel clean room furniture manufacturer products.

What Materials Does Zonsteel Use Commonly as a Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer?

Zonsteel understands the importance of durable clean room furniture. It is why the brand relies mostly on stainless steel as its primary building material for different types of furniture.

The company uses mostly stainless steel 304 and 316 for making high-quality clean room furniture. As we know, stainless steel is good at corrosion resistance, easy to clean, durable, and much more.

Being easy to clean is always a significant factor for those who might want to get clean room furniture. This ensures the furniture can remain clean and thus maintain the overall cleanliness of the clean room.

What is the Delivery Period of Zonsteel?

Zonsteel as a professional clean room furniture manufacturer will take an average of 15 to 20 days to deliver on your clean room furniture order. For most people, this is within a reasonable time to ensure that the clean room can be operational once the clean room furniture is delivered.

The support team will be in touch the whole time to help you track the progress of your clean room furniture order from start to delivery.

What is the Warranty Period on Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture?

A Clean Room full of Cleanroom Tables and Chairs

Figure 3 A Clean Room full of Cleanroom Tables and Chairs

Zonsteel offers a one-year warranty on its clean room furniture. The customer support team at Zonsteel is always available to help address any issues that might arise within the one-year warranty period. That is not all, as the company can still offer technical support after the one-year warranty lapses. Zonsteel is always trying to ensure using its products is seamless and done correctly.

Does Zonsteel Offer Affordable Clean Room Furniture?

Yes. If you can compare what you have to pay to other brands for the best clean room furniture, you will quickly notice the company has an affordable range of products to consider. It is why more people would consider going for a clean room furniture manufacturer such as Zonsteel.

Also, you will get yourself a wide range of cleanroom furniture in one place. There will be no point in shopping for different furniture from one brand to another when Zonsteel can get you everything you need at once.

How Hard is it to Install the Zonsteel Clean Room Furniture?

Most of the time, the installation is straightforward. You will not have to do much to get the furniture ready for use.

Some only need a bit of assembling, and the clean room furniture is ready for use. The last thing you would need is to take days to figure out how to set up the cleanroom furniture.

Some might need more time and tools to install. At this point, seek the services of a professional. This is to ensure that everything is done correctly and you can now enjoy using the cleanroom furniture.

Does Zonsteel Provide Equipment Training?

Cleanroom Storage Furniture with Wheels

Figure 4 Cleanroom Storage Furniture with Wheels

Yes. This is an aftersale service you can get from Zonsteel after buying the clean room furniture. The purpose of the training is to help the users handle the clean room furniture and equipment better. Also, all the packages have user guides. They are comprehensive and written in an easy to follow outline so that you know how to set up and use your clean room furniture easily.

In case you need someone to get to your site and train your staff on using the clean room furniture, talk to Zonsteel to make the necessary arrangements.

Why Does Zonsteel Electropolish its Furniture?

Zonsteel has made it a trend as a clean room furniture manufacturer to electropolish the furniture before sending it to the client. So, why is that the case? Well, the electropolishing method will have the following benefits:

– Removes the dirty oxidized layer on the cleanroom furniture

– It helps in removing the directional lines from abrasive polishing

– You will end up with a bright and smooth finish of stainless steel

It is worth noting that electropolishing is not just for physical appearance. It also enhances the mechanical properties of stainless steel. Such include:

– Reduction of surface drag and friction

– Surface stress relief

– Reduction of thread galling on the surface

– Improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel

It is easy to see how electropolishing is an important process. As such, more people would be comfortable getting themselves the best clean room furniture from Zonsteel.

Can Zonsteel Serve Other Countries Apart From China?

Yes. Zonsteel has managed to be a top clean room furniture manufacturer not only in China but also worldwide. This means that Zonsteel can sell to different countries without a problem. It will also make the necessary arrangements to ensure the clean room furniture is delivered on time even if you are not in China.

How is the Customer Care Service of Zonsteel?

A Clean Room with Several Types of Cleanroom Furniture

Figure 5 A Clean Room with Several Types of Cleanroom Furniture

Anyone who has used Zonsteel products has a good thing to say about the customer care team. The team has managed to ensure the clients get the right information about the different products they might want from Zonsteel.

Also, the team can be a guide to help you get the right Zonsteel clean room furniture. It is not just about getting to sell you something, but rather something you actually need.

Since the team is available 24/7, you should find it being able to handle your orders or queries within a reasonable time.

What are the Custom Options with Zonsteel Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer?

The most common customization options will be the size and style of the furniture. It is best if you have a look at the different clean room furniture to help understand the various custom options in the catalogs Zonsteel provides on clean room furniture.

You can still talk to Zonsteel for more information about the different cleanroom furniture customization options to see what will be useful for your case.

How Did Zonsteel Improve its Production Process?

Zonsteel as a professional clean room furniture manufacturer understands the importance of innovation and technology. It is why the company has, over the years, reviewed and renewed its production process. Right now, it has a modern production line that makes it easier to produce cleanroom furniture faster and still maintain the overall quality.

It is now hard to wrong with clean room furniture from Zonsteel. It will always ensure you get yourself the right furniture for a competitive price.

What is the Skill Level of the Workers at Zonsteel Factory?

As a clean room furniture manufacturer, Zonsteel focuses a lot on ensuring the workers are highly trained. This ensures that the client can end up with a great product overall. So, you can place your order knowing that only skilled workers will be the ones working on your clean room furniture from start to finish.

How Much Does Cleanroom Furniture Cost Commonly?

The cost will largely vary from one cleanroom furniture to another. This is where you might want to contact the sales or support team for more information. Simply send a quote request, and the team will send you a detailed quote plus the various options available. It is best if you are detailed as much as possible in your request to have a proper quotation based on your needs.

Should You Hire a Professional for Cleanroom Furniture Maintenance?

It will mostly depend on the type of maintenance. Some maintenance is simple and straightforward. You should always consider a professional when it seems hard to accomplish a certain maintenance process.

What Does Zonsteel Recommend as the Cleanroom Supplies?

Other than the clean room furniture, there are many other things to consider as cleanroom supplies. Here is what Zonsteel recommends.

– Hoods

– Hair covers

– Gloves

– Frocks

– Coveralls

– Intersuits

– Shoe or boot covers

– Facial covers

In case you will be cleaning on your own, here are the standard cleaning supplies for a cleanroom;

– Brushes and brooms

– Solvents

– Detergents

– Disinfectants

– Scrub pads

– Sponges

– Mop and handles

– Squeegees

– Buckets

– Wringers

Before cleaning your clean room or furniture, ensure you understand the manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures you will do it correctly and maintain the overall cleanroom integrity.

What Kind of Licenses Do You Need to Be a Clean Room Furniture Manufacturer?

It is not hard to start out as a clean room furniture manufacturer. However, the licenses are crucial to ensure you can provide your services to various clients. The best way to understand the licenses you will need is to visit your local authority’s office. Explain your type of business and there will be a prescribed license for such a business. The business will get the operating license once you pay for the permit.

In some cases, you may have to get environmental permits too. This is to ensure the operations of the company do not affect the environment negatively. So, you may want to adopt better manufacturing practices.

Another certification you might think of as a clean room furniture manufacturer is the ISO certification. In this case, your business has to meet specific standards as stipulated in the ISO category to end up with the certification.


There is a lot more you will gain from simply getting your clean room furniture from Zonsteel. The company will help you realize the best performance of your clean room furniture at affordable prices. There are also many furniture options available to make it all better.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to Zonsteel today for more advice and deals on the best clean room furniture.

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