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Zonsteel clean room construction is an integrated system, which includes clean room enclosure, clean room equipment, and control system. Nowadays, more industries require clean room construction to increase productivity, to meet the needs of various materials testing, and scientific research. Clean room construction is also fit for product sensitivity to particulate or humidity.

Zonsteel clean room construction is designed according to your application. Other factors that affect clean room design and construction include the manufacturing process, testing type, material processing, and packing methods. Also, the designed cleanliness class from 10-100,000 requires different types of construction and equipment.

Zonsteel cleanroom construction could be a mobile unit with size 3 x 7 x 2.4m, or other sizes as specified by the client. It could also be tens of thousands of square meters inside an existing building. Or be a container size on a trailer. Our experienced engineers will offer the right design to meet your needs.

The most important feature of a clean room construction is making it hermetically sealed. The clean room comes with the air handling system and equipment to maintain cleanroom cleanliness level. Zonsteel cleanroom sandwich panels are the main construction materials for both the wall and ceiling.

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1DesignRequirementIf has existing wall, indicate which wall on floor plan, and wall size
If exiting wall need to finish with cleanroom panels
If wall need non-combustible
If any overhead obstructions exist
If ceiling need load-bearing
If need to meet any seismic zone grade
What’s the processing inside clean room construction
Required cleanliness grade, temperature, humidity
2Clean Room Construction SizeExternal Size(mm)According to customer requirement
Height(mm)According to customer requirement
3Gown room/transition roomExternal Size(mm)According to customer requirement
Height(mm)According to customer requirement
4Roof/ wallAttach to Existing Building50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panel
Steel structure50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panel
5FloorConcrete BuildingEpoxy floor, PVC floor or elevated floor
6DoorDimension2100x900mm, 1500x900mm other custom made size
InsulationPaper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb
Door framePowder coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel frame
Door leafPowder coated steel, aluminum, Melamine or stainless steel frame
Power typeManual door, electrical door
Air tightAll around sealed with rubber, bottom with lifting strip
Qty1 pc or any quantity
7WindowDimensionCustomize, Maximum 2400x2200mm
MaterialDouble toughened glass, in middle filled with inert gas and desiccant
Aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, black color
Qty1 pc or any quantity
8LED LightSize600x600mm, 600x1200mm
QtyQty according to requirement
Mounting wayFlush mounted on ceiling
9Clean room equipmentAir Shower
Pass box
Fan filter unit
Heapa box
Clean room air filter
Sampling booth
Laminar flow hood
Commercial Ozone Generator
AHU unit
10OtherCertificateISO 9001, ISO 14001
Warranty1 year
Delivery timeNormally 15 days
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Clean Room Construction: The Complete Guide

The wall panel is an insulated material facing on two sides with color steel. The core material is good in fire resistance, sound-proofing, and warm keeping. Zonsteel usually uses rock wool, aluminum honeycomb, and PU as the insulating material. The facing steel with various paint options achieves good performance in terms of on anti-static, anti-corrosion, and easy cleaning.

We also provide stainless steel or HPL facing for special environments. The available wall and ceiling thickness are 17.5mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or thicker. The panels can be flush installed with aluminum channel systems, to keep the cleanroom inner surface flat. And After the installation completion, the connection is sealed, this to ensure the entire cleanroom is airtight.

Doors and windows are another important components of a clean room construction. Zonsteel patented doors and windows have the best airtight performance, strong structural integrity, also easy to operation. The door and window connection is different when meeting the sandwich panel wall or concrete wall, they offer both flush connection. Any door colors could be custom made.

The cleanroom doors and windows best uses in industries of medical, electronic, food, biology, hospital, ICU etc.

Another necessary part of clean room construction is the ceiling grid and ceiling hanging system. Its size matches ceiling tiles and equipment mounted on the ceiling. The equipment includes FFU, HEPA box, LED light etc. Zonsteel has an extensive cleanroom product line, as our company also offer those accessories together with the cleanroom construction and equipment.

Zonsteel clean room construction is precut and, pre drilled at the factory before shipping. And packed in kit for shipping. As such, the clean rooms can be quickly installed on site by using the specific installation tools. Zonsteel clean room construction is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. The delivery time is 7-15 days.

The clean room construction from Zonsteel comes with one year warranty.

Contact us today for any question you may have about our clean room construction. Our support team is available 24/7!

Cleanroom Construction: The Complete FAQs Guide

Setting up a cleanroom does not have to be hard when you have a professional team doing it. So, where can you get such a professional? Well, not to worry because Zonsteel has you covered. The company is not only good at cleanroom manufacturing but also construction.

If you are in the market for cleanroom construction services, consider talking to Zonsteel to see how the company can help. Let us learn more about the cleanroom construction service from Zonsteel below.

What Are the Uses of a Cleanroom?

Installation of a Cleanroom Ceiling

Figure 1 Installation of a Cleanroom Ceiling

Zonsteel has been in the field of making cleanrooms for decades now. If there is a brand that would advise you better on where to use the cleanrooms, then it is Zonsteel.

Some of the places you can use a cleanroom include the following:

– Biotech

– Semiconductor

– Cosmetics

– Manufacturing

– Electronic

– Pharmaceutical

– Research institutes

– Health care

– Universities

–      New energy

The list can go on depending on the needs for a cleanroom you might have in mind. Those who might not be sure if their application needs a cleanroom, talk to Zonsteel today for more information. The company would also advise on the class of cleanroom to use for specific applications.

What Makes Zonsteel Good at Cleanroom Construction?

Multiple Cleanroom Design Classes

Understandably, different people would have different needs for a cleanroom. It would be important to get yourself the right cleanroom depending on the design that Zonsteel offers.

Zonsteel makes different options for cleanrooms start from class 10 to 100,000. At this point, you may need more information about the different classes to decide better.

Zonsteel is always available to guide you further depending on your needs for getting the right cleanroom for the job.

Fast Turnaround Time

Cleanroom construction does not have to take months. That is where Zonsteel comes in to make the whole process faster. The company will make sure that the turnaround for cleanroom construction is fast and still done professionally. Rather than spending months constructing the cleanroom, that time is cut down to only a few weeks.

The company also adopts the use of modular construction. Such a method will generally improve how fast you set up a cleanroom.

Competitive Pricing

From cleanroom design to cleanroom construction, Zonsteel is known for offering competitive prices all along. As such, you can easily get to use the company’s services without feeling that you are overspending on the process.

It is always advisable to make comparisons with other companies before settling on one. As much as you would want a good deal on the cleanroom construction, it should still be done professionally.


Being in the cleanroom business for over two decades is enough to make someone feel confident about it. You would always want the experience to be a big factor to ensure the cleanroom would be set up correctly.

The Zonsteel team involved in cleanroom construction has already done several projects to give it the experience necessary for making better cleanrooms the client might need.

High-Quality Materials

All the materials used in the cleanroom construction process are all about durability and quality. Cleanrooms are expected to last for decades, so it is best to use a company that understands the importance of high-quality materials.

Overseas Setup

Zonsteel prides itself on ensuring that different clients around the world can benefit from its services. It is why you can also get overseas set up services for cleanrooms from Zonsteel.

Once you get in touch with the company about the service, the logistics team will handle how the team of engineers and technicians will come to your place for installation. So, even if you are outside China, you can still enjoy the Zonsteel services.


It would be of no use if the staff cannot use the cleanroom correctly. Zonsteel would also offer training on how to use the cleanroom once the construction is done. The staff would be taught how to handle themselves while in the cleanroom, what to wear, and many other tips to ensure that cleanroom integrity is always maintained.

What are the Cleanroom Construction Cleanliness Classes?

Multiple Softwall Cleanrooms Setup in a Room

Figure 2 Multiple Softwall Cleanrooms Setup in a Room

Cleanrooms are categorized based on their cleanliness level. The cleanliness level will determine what kind of application the cleanroom would be used for and the equipment to be used to maintain the cleanroom integrity.

A good example is when a higher level of cleanliness is necessary; then it means investing more in the air handling units to ensure they can filter the air better and minimize the particulate in the cleanroom as much as possible.

As for Zonsteel, it makes cleanrooms with designated cleanliness of class 10 to 100,000. Whenever you feel the different classes are hard to differentiate, the support team at Zonsteel can assist you further. This is to ensure you always get the right cleanroom for the job.

What Types of Cleanroom Constructions Does Zonsteel Do?

Zonsteel specializes in making different types of cleanrooms, but they are often categorized as mobile units or permanent units.

There are times some people would want a mobile cleanroom for different needs. Let us say a softwall cleanroom. In this case, you can easily move it around and take it to where it is needed the most. Sometimes it can be a hardwall cleanroom, but it is loaded on a trailer. The trailer will make it easier also for moving it around.

The permanent cleanrooms are set up in an area and not likely to be moved in a long time. Such cleanrooms are all about handling your cleanroom operations from a central place without moving the cleanroom to the field. Let us say it is a hospital or a pharmaceutical company; then it could use a permanent cleanroom on the company premises.

What is the Cleanroom Construction Process?

The cleanroom construction process might vary from time to time, but most of them will go through the following stages before a completed cleanroom is handed over to the new owner.

Normal Construction

This process involves normal construction that many contractors are used to doing. The idea is to set up the area ready for cleanroom construction. The Zonsteel team will ensure that more attention is directed towards keeping the area clean and creating the cleanroom’s right foundation.

At this point, there are no material restrictions yet. However, the works still have to wear the standard personal protective equipment. Such will include hard hats, safety glasses, and vests.

Clean Construction

At this stage, the team will start to introduce a few measures aimed at maintaining a clean environment even when the construction is ongoing. The team will conduct daily and hourly cleaning by using vacuums. This is to ensure no trash or debris will be left in the cleanroom environment.

Some of the advanced areas might have rugs or sticky mats to keep the dirt outside as much as possible.

Pre-cleanroom construction

When the cleanroom construction gets to this point, a few measures are introduced to limit access to the cleanroom. There might be the need to set up a smock room for users to clean before entering the cleanroom.

The workers getting into the cleanroom might also have to wear booties.

It is during this stage that all the necessary cleanroom equipment will be set up. This includes the HEPA filters, fan filter units, and more, depending on the cleanroom class.

Active cleanroom Construction

At this point, cleanroom access is further restricted. This is because most of the cleanroom construction is almost done, and the last thing you need is some people contaminating the area. The workers will have to wear coveralls, hairnets, gloves, and other essential outfits that the project management would deem necessary.

Testing and Commissioning

Once the cleanroom construction is done, the team must test it first before handing it over to the new owner. It ensures that all the equipment are set up correctly, and the cleanroom is ready for use, depending on the different applications the user might have in mind.

At this point, the construction team can also offer training to the staff to ensure everything is used correctly.

In case the new owner has concerns or questions, then all of them have to be addressed at this point, ensuring the client is comfortable with the new cleanroom setup.

How is a Cleanroom Made to be Hermetically Sealed?

Packed Cleanroom Construction Panels

Figure 3 Packed Cleanroom Construction Panels

As part of making sure the cleanroom works correctly, the construction team has to ensure it is hermetically sealed. It is done through proper alignment and sealing of the wall panels. The sealant is also designed to provide a strong bond between the joints of the walls so that you do not worry about the cleanliness of a cleanroom being affected.

The cleanroom will still come with an air handling unit and other necessary equipment for maintaining the cleanliness level. As much as it is sealed, the cleanroom still needs to be livable. That is why the air handling system is necessary to make it a conducive environment for your team.

What Does Zonsteel Use for Wall and Ceiling Cleanroom Construction?

Zonsteel uses cleanroom sandwich panels as part of constructing the cleanroom walls and ceilings. Since there are many sandwich panel types, some might be wondering which ones does Zonsteel use? The company focuses on using sandwich panels such as rockwool, PU, PE, duct panels, PIR, and EPS panels.

To make the panels suitable for cleanrooms, they will have two bonded steel faces with an insulating core. The material used as the sandwich panel’s core will mostly be fire-resistant, sound-proof, and insulated. So, depending on the type of sandwich panels, these properties can vary a lot. Some might be good at fire resistance, while others would be suitable for better insulation.

The steel plates used as the sandwich panels’ faces help in achieving good performance to keep the cleanroom working correctly. This is because the steel plates would be anti-static, easy to clean, and anti-corrosive.

Depending on the environment, sometimes stainless steel or HPL faces might be necessary. This is mostly when the cleanroom would be used for food or medical environments.

What is the Warranty Period for a Zonsteel Cleanroom?

Each cleanroom construction project comes with a one-year warranty on the parts. For the most part, clients are always happy with what the company delivers. They will not have to keep calling the company to handle additional work if the construction was done correctly.

Like working with any other company, ensure to read and understand the warranty terms. This will help in understanding where it applies the best.

Zonsteel offers lifetime technical support for cleanroom running.

How Many Cleanroom Construction Methods are Available?

When it comes to cleanroom construction, the majority of the time, you would have two options: modular construction or standard construction.

For someone who might be concerned with the budget, then the standard method should be good enough. Such a method would be the cheaper option since the design will be according to your needs but still functional. You would also be using normal building materials such as sandwich panel for the walls and ceiling.

Zonsteel also offers the modular construction method. If you opt for this method, you will end up with a bespoke experience. This is where you can choose the materials to be used to construct the cleanroom and the design too. Zonsteel mostly recommends the use of insulated sandwich panels, or PVC to ensure performance is maintained over the years.

What Factors Affect Cleanroom Construction?

As you probably already know, cleanrooms are not made the same. There will be some that would be more expensive than others. However, what makes them different? Here are some factors that can affect cleanroom construction.

– The location of where the cleanroom has to be constructed

– The level of cleanliness to be achieved by the cleanroom

– Environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature

– The heat loads of the equipment

– The number of people that would be using the cleanroom

– Materials to use for constructing the walls, ceiling, and floor

– The air handling systems, including HEPA and ULPA filters

– The lighting needs of the cleanroom and much more

How Long Does It Take for a Cleanroom Construction?

Installing the Clean Room

Figure 4 Installing the Clean Room 

The cleanroom construction time will broadly vary based on the size and location. The team ensures the construction is done correctly while at the same time not take too long on a single project.

The faster cleanroom construction is due to the panels being pre-cut and pre-drilled while at the factory. As a result, all that is remaining is the quick assembly of the panels on-site by following the construction instructions from Zonsteel.

How Does ISO Classification Impact Cleanroom Construction Costs?

The question of cost will often come up whenever you are looking to get yourself a new cleanroom. You can take cleanroom construction cost as something that varies from one client to another. This is because not all cleanrooms are the same. Other than the size, list of equipment, and location, the ISO certification or class of the cleanroom will also impact the cost.

A good example is when you want a cleanroom with higher cleanliness, it then means that there is the need to filter more air, among other things. The additional equipment and setup process means that you spend more.

It is estimated that the cost will increase each time you change the classification to a higher cleanliness level.

For the proper guideline on price, get in touch with Zonsteel for a quotation on how much you would spend on cleanroom construction.

What are the Benefits of Modular Cleanroom Construction?

The modular cleanroom construction method has been on the rise lately. This is because of the many benefits it has to offer. Below are some of the benefits you can expect when using a modular cleanroom construction method.

– The design is progressive. This means you can always expand or relocate the cleanroom when the need arises in the future. That cannot be done with permanent structures.

– The modular design also allows for specialized cleanroom panel sizes. This will depend on the use of the cleanroom, size, personnel, and many other features.

– Statistics show that the modular cleanroom construction method is also affordable. The affordability is what drives more people to find it an excellent option for them to consider.

– The construction process would be generally faster when using the modular cleanroom construction method. You will quickly notice that the construction team can get your cleanroom ready for use within a few weeks, compared to other methods.

What are the Elements of a Modular Cleanroom Construction?

These are the elements that make up the cleanroom. Here is a list of cleanroom construction elements;

– Cleanroom wall panels

– Cleanroom ceiling material

– Ceiling support structure

– Cleanroom lighting

– Cleanroom HEPA filters

– Cleanroom Pass-Thrus etc.

The team constructing the cleanroom has to ensure that these various elements work together to deliver a good cleanroom environment depending on the application at hand.

Who is Involved in Cleanroom Construction Process?

A Fully Assembled Cleanroom 

Figure 5 A Fully Assembled Cleanroom 

Whenever you request a cleanroom construction service, several people with different jobs will be necessary as part of the team. Here are some of them;

A cleanroom designer

As the name suggests, a cleanroom designer will design and construct the cleanroom mostly within the budget as offered by the client. The designer has to work with the client and other stakeholders to ensure the cleanroom is designed to meet their needs.

Project manager

The project manager is tasked with handling all aspects of the project, from planning, timing, performance evaluation, and more.

The project manager has to send weekly reports on the progress of the project back to Zonsteel. This helps in informing the client of a possible completion date of the project.

Validation manager

The validation manager has to go through the built cleanroom, ensuring it meets the cleanroom integrity needs and all the design criteria.


The superintendent is the supervisor of the skilled workers. The site superintendent has to conduct weekly safety meetings to ensure all the workers are wearing the necessary PPEs while also understanding how to  construct a cleanroom correctly. The superintendent is also responsible for ensuring the workers get to the site on time, maintain the work’s quality, and much more.

Skilled workers

These are the workers who will carry out the cleanroom construction under the watch of their supervisor.

This is just an example as there can still be more people involved in the whole process. All that information will be relayed to the client before the team arrives for cleanroom construction.

Do You Need a Permit for Cleanroom Construction to Commence?

Since you would be doing construction, it is expected that someone would be interested to know if there are any important permits to get for cleanroom construction. Well, this is likely to differ from one country to another. To be sure about this, consult with the local construction authorities. This is to ensure that the cleanroom construction commences without a hitch. Where it seems necessary to get the permits, go ahead and organize for them before the construction team from Zonsteel arrives.

Does Zonsteel Offer Cleanroom Construction Accessories?

Yes. Rather than making it hard for the user to set up the cleanroom, the whole package will come with essential cleanroom construction accessories. Such will include the aluminum profiles for holding the panels together, sealant, sealant gun, screws, rivets, and more. It is advisable to point out that you need the installation accessories so that Zonsteel can send them as part of the package. This will make constructing the cleanroom easier and faster.

What is the Importance of Air Filtration System in Cleanroom Construction?

As the name suggests, the air filtration system is crucial for ensuring the users in the cleanroom can have the best air to breathe while at the same time filter any particulates before the air enters the cleanroom. Keep in mind that there is the need to maintain a certain degree of cleanliness, thus the need for having a proper air filtration system set up in the cleanroom.


Working with Zonsteel on your next cleanroom construction project will generally make your life easier. This is because you will have a team of professionals doing all the heavy lifting. Since the company has experience in such a field, you would be confident that it will get the job done correctly.

Contact the support team today to start your cleanroom construction process today.

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