Clean Room Airlock

Clean room airlock is to create a room between different clean levels, or between clean and unclean area. To keep clean room positive pressure, and prevent contamination and particles from entering when personnel or material enter or exit the cleanroom.

Zonsteel clean room airlock with two doors interlocked and sizes customized to meet your request. Zonsteel design, manufacture, ship and install clean room airlock as part of cleanroom. Contact us, for any specification clean room airlock!

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Clean Room Airlock

If your cleanroom requests a airlock, Zonsteel is your primary designer and manufacturer!
Pharmaceutical Clean Room Airlock

Stainless Steel Clean Room Double Door with Airlock System

Personnel Airlock

Personnel Airlock for Staffs Go Through, Usually between Changing Room and Clean Area

Material Airlock

Material Airlock for Material Go Thrugh, Usually Outside People Put Material and Inside People Take It

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Airlock

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Airlock to Prevent Cross Contamination between Two Clean Rooms

Standard Clean Room Airlock

Standard Clean Room Airlock Request Self-clean and Interlock Doors

Industrial Showering Clean Room Airlock

Our Industrial Showering Clean Room Airlock is powered by 550w/750w/1100w, 380V/50Hz. It has motor core components.

Customized Clean Room Airlock

Customized Clean Room Airlock to Fit the Bill

Lab Clean Room Airlock

Lab Clean Room Airlock Must Meet the Lab Type Requestion, Like SS Doors or HPL Doors

Dustproof Clean Room Airlock

Dustproof Clean Room Airlock Equipped with Air Handling System and Exhaust Waste Air

Clean Room Airlock Door with Sight Window

Zonsteel Clean Room Airlock Door Could be Installed Any Size of Sight Window

Automatic Clean Room Airlock

Automatic Clean Room Airlock with Electric Doors, Could Be with Access System. It Is Ssed in Hospitals and Pharmacies

Industry Clean Room Airlock

Industry Clean Room Airlock Design for Personnel or Material before Enter Cleanroom

Why Clean Room Airlock Zonsteel

  • 20 years clean room manufacturer experience
  • Strict quality control system
  • Create a clean room airlock
  • Cost-effective clean room airlock
  • Deliver orders on time

Zonsteel- Your Primer Clean Room Airlock Manufacturer

Zoosteel is the primary cleanroom airlock manufacturer in China. Zonsteel began exporting in 2007, and with 20 years of production and 12 years of international trading expertise, we are confident in our ability to supply you with superior quality cleanroom airlock products and services.

Our extensive technical department, advanced production lines, and adequate raw material inventory ensure that we can design cleanroom airlocks, manufacture high-quality products, and deliver them on time. We can give you better services and satisfactory output because the cleanroom airlock is certified with GB/T19001-ISO9001. We can ensure that each client’s needs are met and develop win-win strategic partnerships with those we serve.

If you’re looking for a cleanroom airlock of the highest quality, zonsteel is the place to go.  We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to bear on your business. We are known for offering you high-quality products and dependable customer service.

We customized your ideal cleanroom airlock. Just send us your layouts, designs, drawing, or even your concept. We guarantee you excellent output with the help of our skilled engineers and professional technical team to supply you with a suitable cleanroom airlock that fits your needs.

Zonsteel cleanroom airlock is a transitional space that typically consists of two doors connected in series. Contact us today to start your cleanroom airlock!

We Are Professional Clean Room Component Manufacturer
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Zonsteel: One-Stop Solution Manufacturer for your Clean Room Airlock 

Zonsteel is a 20 years cleanroom airlock manufacturer and supplier in China and all over the world. We are a manufacturer certified to GB/T19001-ISO9001. We have an advanced manufacturing line and workshop, and our skilled engineers can create adaptable and durable items.

Zonsteel cleanroom airlock is a transitional space that typically consists of two doors connected in series. Utilize a controlled environment (such as a cleanroom, laboratory, operating room, or isolation room) from a corridor or vice versa. To prevent them from being opened at the same time, the two doors should be interlocked.

We operate a 26000 m2 workshop and employ 300 people. Our collaboration with CESE, a well-known Chinese cleanroom airlock designer, allows us to accomplish cleanroom airlock in medical,  Pharmaceuticals, lab industries, and others.

Our current manufacturing line, as a cleanroom airlock manufacturer, includes complete in-house lamination, product fabrication, and assembly, as well as a variety of automated equipment.

Zonsteel has established a solid reputation both domestically and internationally. We can ensure that each client’s needs are met and build win-win strategic partnerships with those we serve.

Contact us today to create your customized cleanroom airlock!


Clean Room Airlock: The Complete FAQ Guide

Buying a product means knowing its features and characteristics. Before purchase, it is essential that you are equipped with the important information about the item you are going to buy.

If you are planning to purchase a cleanroom airlock then this comprehensive lens that contains significant answers to your questions is for you!

Airlock 1

What is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is an enclosed room facility that requires specific air pressure, air quality, temperature and humidity.  These types of facilities are common in technology industries, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. These rooms only have a specified limit of allowable dust particles and microbes to prevent contaminations.

What is a Clean Room Airlock?

Cleanroom airlock in general is a compartment that serves as a passage that regulates the room temperature and the cleanliness of the air in the cleanroom adjacent to it. This is the safest way to avoid cross-contamination.

What is a Clean Room Airlock Made of?

A regular airlock is made of a cylinder steel plate. It has two doors located on both ends. These two doors cannot be opened at both and the same time. A cleanroom airlock also has a rotary valve that helps maintain the air in the vacuum.

Another clean room airlock is made of sandwich panel, equipped with interlocked steel doors or HPL doors.

What are the Different Categories of Clean Room Airlock?

Cascade Airlock

Cascade Air Lock

This type of airlock has two different pressures on each of its sides. The corridor has the higher pressure and the airlock has the lower one.

Bubble Airlock

Bubble Air Lock

Bubble airlocks maintain the air quality by having a higher pressure inside the airlock itself. The cubicle and the corridor have the same pressure.

Sink Airlock

Sink Air Lock

This kind of airlock has the highest pressure inside the airlock itself and the lower pressure is the space outside the airlock. It creates a low-pressure barrier by absorbing the air from both the areas adjacent to it.

Potent Compound Airlock

Potent Compound Airlock

This is the most secure among the four types. This kind of airlock is a combination of the bubble airlock and sink airlock. The two compartments are joined in which the other one serves the gown room and the other as the main airlock before the regulated space.

Airlock 4

How do the Different Types of Airlock Work?

Aside from pressure difference each category of cleanroom airlock has a specific purpose.

Cascade Air Lock

In this situation, the air flows from the area with higher pressure to the airlock and from the airlock to the area with lesser pressure. This type of airlock is most often used in industries that prevent dust particles and contamination.

Cascade Airlock is ideal for manufacturing facilities where only the products need protection and where the person does not necessarily need protection from the products in the cleanroom.

Bubble Air Lock

The higher pressure is inside the airlock and it makes a great barrier by pushing the air to its respective areas. This type of airlock is commonly used in facilities where both the products and the personnel need protection. Injectable manufacturing facilities usually install this kind of airlock to stave off the ingress of contaminants to the drug.

Sink Air Lock

The pressure in this type of airlock is high outside the airlock and high inside the airlock. Sink airlock is widely applied in facilities that formulate and produce harmful substances such as poisons. Since the airlock has a low pressure it absorbs the air from both sides to create a low-pressure barrier that disables contaminants to enter the aseptic room. In this case, both the personnel and the materials involved in the process need security.

Potent Compound Airlock

This one is the combination of a pressure bubble and a sinks airlock. The two-compartment is joined in a column. This allows the person to transition and put on their safe gears, at the same time it shields the product from harmful contaminants in the room adjacent to it.

Airlock 5


Why is Air Pressure Different from Clean Room Airlock?

Air pressure is crucial in maintaining the temperature and air quality in the facility, especially in the room where the products are made. The top reason is to prevent cross-contaminations. The airlock doors need to be opened one at a time.

The air that has been contained in the airlock must be drained first before the second door that leads to the main cubicle be opened. Hence, the airflow rate is significant to the time needed in opening the doors. A longer time delay is applied when the air is coming from the area that contains higher dust particles and contaminants.

What is the Standard Time Delay in Opening a Clean Room Airlock?

Each airlock is designed in different ways. There are airlocks that need 20 air changes per hour. In such a case, it needs three minutes before the other door is opened. For airlocks that are designed for sixty air changes per hour, one minute is enough to have the other door opened.

Why is Clean Room Airlock Important?

Contamination is one of the greatest threats to production laboratories. May it is in technology, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical industries, this situation is not taken lightly.

Using a cleanroom airlock is the best way to prevent contamination inside the production floor. It plays a vital role in regulating the entries and exits of the personnel and the materials.

Cleanroom Suit

What are the Important Protocols to Follow in Entering a Clean Room airlock?

Personnel going in and out of the facilities must observe the following procedures:

  1. Remove and store items like jewelry and the likes
  2. Discard food like candies and gums
  3. Remove cosmetics like makeup with soap and water
  4. Clean mouth and throat by mouthwash or by drinking water
  5. Cover hair with hairnet and mouth with surgical facemask.

What to Wear in Entering Clean Room Airlock Facility?

A cleanroom suit or a bunny suit is the appropriate garment to use in entering the facility. These types of garments are specially designed to avoid shredding as they are manufactured with 100% filament polyester or 100% filament polyester and carbon yarn.

Some cleanroom garments are disposable and are manufactured using polyolefin fiber. Lint-free materials are essential to prevent dust particles from accumulating inside the room.

How Much Air Pressure must be Maintained in a Clean Room Airlock Facility?

The air pressure difference between adjacent clean area and the airlock, usually maintain 5-10 Pascal. For example, the clean area is 15 Pa, airlock maintain 10 Pa, and nonclean area 5 Pa.

Or both adjacent clean area 15 Pa, the airlock maintain 10 Pa.

Where else are Airlocks Used?

Other usages of airlocks are for the following:

  1. underwater workplace
  2. hyperbaric chambers
  3. space flights

What does ISO Cleanroom Mean?

There are 9 classifications for clean rooms. It is from ISO1 to ISO9, with ISO1 as the cleanest and ISO 9 as the dirtiest. This is vital to learn as this will help room engineers to decide what type of airlock is a perfect match for the application.

If you are considering installing a cleanroom airlock, Zonsteel is the best choice you are going to make.

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