Experienced Access Control Door Manufacturer

Zonsteel is a professional access control door manufacturer in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. Therefore, you can ensure the highest quality products.

Zonsteel has an expert engineering team to design, develop, manufacture, and install your access control door. We offer fast lead time and quick delivery ranging from 7 to 30 days. Please send us your inquiries today.

  • Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Manufacturer

Access Control Door Manufacturer

Our engineers produce and design high-quality access control doors with high performance and reliable quality.
Ethernet Access Control Door

We manufacture Ethernet Access Control Door with built-in dual hardware. It also features an embedded multi-tasking real-time and high-quality operating system.

Facial Recognition Lock Door Access

We manufacture Facial Recognition Lock Door Access that supports live detection technology. It also features voice broadcast, quick recognition, and reject photo attacks.

8-inch Security Ai Camera Door Access Control

Zonsteel manufactures 8-inch Security Ai Camera Door Access Control with advanced security features. It also features easy installation, space-saving, and superior performance.

QR Code Access Control Door

These types of doors use an access control device that can read and scan QR codes. It features a high-quality QR code scan engine for single-door network access control.

RFID Smart Card Access Control Door

Zonsteel offers an RFID Smart Card Access Control Door with real-time monitoring of door status.

Biometric Access Control Double Door

At Zonsteel, we manufacture high technology Biometric Access Control Double Door. It features a password, card, or fingerprint verification mode.

Face Recognition Access Control Door with Swing Barrier

We manufacture Face Recognition Access Control doors with Swing Barrier low failure rate.

Intercom Access Control Door

Zonsteel offers an intercom access control door with micro-processing technology, high security, excellent performance, auto-remote control, and reliable quality.

Fingerprint Access Control Rotating Gate

We manufacture high-quality fingerprint access control rotating gates with high-security features. We offer products made from high-quality and superior materials.

RFID Keypad Access Control Door

Zonsteel is a professional manufacturer of RFID keypad access control doors with high technology RFID card readers. It has standalone access control with excellent features.

Magnetic Lock Access Control Door

We offer a full range of magnetic lock access control doors. It comes in different sizes and designs that are customizable to meet your requirements and needs.

Intercom Access Control Door with Call Buttons

Zonsteel is a trusted manufacturer of intercom access control doors with call buttons IP55 dust-proof rating, weather resistance, water-proof, and high integrity.

Why Choose Zonsteel Access Control Door

  • 20+ years of manufacturing access control door
  • Premier design capabilities
  • 7 to 30 days fast delivery
  • On-site installation, field maintenance, and repair
  • Fully customizable access control door

Zonsteel – The Best Access Control Door Manufacturer in China

Zonsteel specializes in access control door production for over 20 years. We provide customers with a turnkey solution for their needs and projects. Therefore, we gain trust from thousands of customers to supply their business and cleanrooms with the best quality access control door. Undoubtedly, Zonsteel is your first choice when it comes to access control doors.

Zonsteel has advanced manufacturing techniques and a complete production line. Our factory here has HVAC engineers, expert designers, 25 structural engineers, and over 300 workers. Our standard software to design your access control door includes PVDF, X-Steel, Revit, BIM, and CAD. We are your one-stop solution to your access control door needs.

We Are Professional Access Control Door Manufacturer
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Your Trusted Access Control Door Manufacturer in China

Critical areas such as cleanrooms need to be safe and tightly controlled. Thus, it can maintain its pristine state. That is why Zonsteel manufactures high-quality access control doors. We can provide a total access control door solution to your critical area needs.

The doors and frames of our access control doors feature good sealing and adequate gaskets. Thus, it can prevent contaminated air from entering or exit in the area. Our access control doors also feature other access control devices such as electric locks, card access systems, station controls, and more.

We also design access control doors that feature a system to determine if the door is not entirely shut. Thus, it can enhance its security features and reliable control. Here in Zonsteel, you can assure that you can find the right access control door for your application.

At Zonsteel, you can find the broadest selection of access control doors. We have Ethernet Access Control Door, Facial Recognition Lock Door Access, 8-inch Security Ai Camera Door Access Control, QR Code Access Control Door, RFID Smart Card Access Control Door, and more.

Zonsteel is an OEM manufacturer. All our products are customizable based on your requirements. Therefore, we can incorporate your designs, sizes, and other specifications. Our engineers will handle your needs and work for hand in hand.

Here in Zonsteel, we guarantee you the highest quality access control door. All our products have certifications from ISO9001:2015. You can ensure that we will give you products that can provide high performance for your applications.

We offer fast lead time and quick delivery ranging from 7 to 30 days. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. Therefore, you can trust us to be your supplier of high-quality access control doors for your requirements.

Zonsteel also has strict quality control management. All products will undergo full inspection in every production stage. We guarantee high-quality products through our third-party inspection like BV, SGS, and more. Choose Zonsteel as your access door control supplier in China.

Besides access control doors, we also manufacture cleanroom airlock, hospital door, cleanroom ceiling grid, cleanroom ceiling system, interlock door, HPL door, Emergency door, impact traffic doors, High-speed door, stainless steel door, pharmaceutical clean room door, and more.

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Access Control Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you familiar with the term “access control door”? This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide may be able to assist you in determining what it is.

Here you learn about the different information about access control doors, including their uses, advantages, features, benefits, applications, and many more.

Continue reading to learn more about access control doors.

What is an Access Control Door?

When it comes to restricting access to doors, it’s all about whom, where, and when. At the same time, door access control systems make gaining entrance to your building much more accessible.

An access control system determines who is permitted to enter or exit, where they are permitted to exit or enter, and when they are permitted to enter or exit.

Figure-1 Access Control Door

Figure-1 Access Control Door

How Does Door Access Control Work?

The access control system is a computer-based system that uses electronic keys to unlock doors.

Besides, the control device provides power to the reader on the door by antennae to send out radio waves.

An access control system aims to give authorized people quick and easy access while denying unauthorized access.

What is an Access Control Door System?

The most typical application of access control systems is to regulate access to a building’s exterior entrances.

Basic Components of an Access Control System

Access control door systems come in a wide range of types and levels. On the other hand, most card access control systems have at least the following basic components:

  • Access Cards
  • Readers for credit cards
  • Computer Access Control Server
  • Access Control Field Panels
  • Electric Lock Hardware
  • Access Control Keypads

Figure-2 Access Control Door

Figure-2 Access Control Door

What are the Three Different Kinds of Access Control?

There are three basic types of access control systems, including:

  • (DAC) Discretionary Access Control
  • (RBAC) Role-Based Access Control
  • (MAC) Mandatory Access Control

What are the Six Benefits of Using Access Control?

  • Keep track of who enters and exits the building. Another important advantage of access control systems is that they allow you to track who comes and goes.
  • Enhanced security that benefits You. The main benefit of any access control system is that it provides all the security your building requires. 
  • Access control systems are simple to operate and maintain. Building security may be easily managed with access control systems such as keyless entry and card access systems.
  • Forget about the hassles that come with traditional keys. For a variety of reasons, key systems are challenging for good security.
  • Dates and times for access should be set in advance. You can grant access to specific individuals for specified days and hours, as well as for particular doors and groups of doors in a building, using an access control system with extensive scheduling options.
  • Access should be required to have mandatory credentials. Certain offices, laboratories, or manufacturing facilities may require additional protection depending on your industry or facility.

What is Access Control, and Why Does It Matter?

Access restrictions restrict access to information and information processing systems.

What are the Rules for Access Control?

A domain, an object type, a life cycle state, and a participant are all mapped to a set of permissions by an access control rule.

You can use the following ways to describe specific situations and define rules for a specific participant.

  • Dynamic roles. Use dynamic roles as participants in rules written for domains at the application context level that are parents to domains.
  • Choose All except selected participants. When setting your rule, pick All except a specified participant to administer the rules of a big group of people.

What are the Advantages of Access Control Door?

  • The Employee Accessibility Should Be Made Easier
  • Keep track of who enters and exits the building.
  • Get Rid of Traditional Keys
  • These suggestions will help you save time and money.
  • Defend Against Unwelcome Visitors
  • Allow employees the flexibility to work when they want.
  • Protect Your Data From Breach.

Figure-2 Access Control Door

Figure-3 Access Control Door

Who Uses Access Control Systems?

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Worship Centers
  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Sports and events
  • Transportation
  • Finance

What Kinds of Access Control Lists are There?

Standard, extended, dynamic, reflexive, and time-based are the four types of access control used for various purposes.

What’s the Difference Between Door Entry and Access Control?

Access Control- Using their credentials, face, fingerprints, PIN, key card, and so on – access control checks authorized personnel. Besides, access control is a security measure that restricts who can see, use, or have access to a restricted area.

Door Entry-  A door entry system is a building access control system that you place at an entrance to govern access into and out of a building. By confirming a person’s identity and only opening the door for approved individuals, door entry systems allow you to regulate who can enter a room or building.

What is Physical Access Control, and How Does it Work?

By electronically confirming their PIV credentials, a Physical Access Control System enables access to employees and contractors who operate at or visit a location.

How Do You Set up an Access Control Door?

  1. From a PC, launch a web browser.
  2. Fill in the router’s username and password.
  3. Select advanced security access control from the drop-down menu.
  4. Turn on Access Control by checking the box.
  5. Select one of the radio choices below to specify an access rule.
  6. Click one of the options below to see which devices are allowed or restricted while not connected.
  7. Select the check box next to the computer you’re now using and click the Allow button to allow it to continue to access your network.
  8. Then press the Apply button, then your preferences have been saved.

Figure-4 Access Control Door

Figure-4 Access Control Door

What are the Methods for Gaining Access Control Door?

Access control verifies user login credentials such as usernames and passwords, PINs, security tokens, and biometric scans.

Why Use a Door Access Control System?

Access control systems for door security are far more effective and convenient than traditional lock-and-key systems. 

Higher grade security. Compared to standard entry methods, this is more likely to keep illegal persons out of your building.

Digital. This greatly simplifies your life. And also, you may monitor your door access control system remotely by digitally integrating it with back-end software.

Convenience. Cards, mobile apps, fingerprint scanners, and other methods of admission are all available.

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