3 Compartment Sink

  • Size: 2000x1950x630mm for on Floor Sink
  • Size:1850 x 660 x 580mm for Hanging on Wall Sink
  • Pickling and Passivating Polished after Welding
  • Knee-Operated Water and Soap Dispenser
  • Optional: Infrared Sensor, Eye Wash Facility
  • 3 Compartment Sink
  • 3 Compartment Sink
  • 3 Compartment Sink

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Zonsteel advanced stainless steel production line can offer you the best 3 compartment sink. The bending machine can form corners with arc shapes so that cleaning is easy and fast. And the use of the full welding process ensures the entire stainless steel sink is stronger and can last more years.



All stainless steel we use for the 3 compartment sink is grade SS304. After welding, it is treated by pickling and passivating. After this process, the surface looks nicer, and it also gains better rust and corrosion resistance.

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(L x W x H) mm
Floor sinkZSF-001900 x 1950 x6301 station
ZSF-0021600 x 1950 x6302 station
ZSF-0032000 x 1950 x6303 station
ZSF-0042400 x 1950 x6304 station
Wall mounted sinkZSW-001900 x 660 x 5801 station
ZSW-0021500 x 660 x 5802 station
ZSW-0031850 x 660 x 5803 station
ZSW-0042400 x 660 x 5804 station
Supply free standing on floor type or wall mounted type
Arc construct, each cleaning
Whole structure 1.2mm stainless steel grade 304, sink part is 1.5mm
Silence type and anti-splash
Built-in thermostat, water temperature maximum 46 °C
Water-proofing mirror optional
LED light optional
Water heater optional
Sink surface be treated, more anti-corrosive, nicer looking
Laminar flow faucet head optional, independent faucet
Eye wash facility attachment optional
Infrared water control optional
Knee-operated soap dispenser optional, independent dispenser
Digital timer optional
Divider screen optional
1 year warranty and lifetime technical support
Packing method: film and wooden case
15-20 dasy delivery time
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3 Compartment Sink: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel 3 compartment sink is best designed for medical use. This is because it eliminates physical contact with the sink, thus preventing contamination. This is made possible by having a knee-operated control faucet and knee-operated soap dispenser. Also, you can choose to add an infrared sensor.

Zonsteel 3 compartment sink has other designs to make it more practical for medical use and other applications. Such options include adding an eye washer besides the faucet. It has a timer to set up its flushing time. Each stainless steel sink, also has an independent knee-operated panel for water and soap. This model also has a thermostat available to keep the water at a suitable temperature and up to 46°C.

You can also opt for a transparent acrylic partition between two faucets to prevent splashing each other. All those measures are taken for a convenient, durable, and safe stainless steel sink. It is why the sink is good for surgical rooms or other medical applications.

Zonsteel 3 compartment sink can be two types. They include free-stand-on-floor or hang-on-wall. The sizes are different. On the floor type is 2000 x 1950 x 630mm, and another is 1850 x 660 x 580 mm. You can choose one depending on what is convenient for your application. The hang-on-wall type is usually installed 250mm from the floor

It is possible to add a mirror or LED light to your trinity stainless utility sink. Or you can reduce some of the features above to control the cost. Zonsteel always considers customer’s special needs and work together with the customer, to help you get the right sink.

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3 Compartment Sink: The Complete FAQs Guide

A 3 compartment sink is a common cleaning accessory you would get in different places. The best part about this utility sink is that Zonsteel can make the right size and design that you want.

This guide talks about what makes Zonsteel’s 3 compartment sinks stand out and why you should get one for yourself.

What is a 3 Compartment Sink?

A Hospital Grade 3 Compartment Sink

Figure 1 A Hospital Grade 3 Compartment Sink 

As the name suggests, a utility sink is designed for specific purposes involving cleaning and washing most of the time. They are also likely to be exposed to different materials that can lead to scratches. It is why Zonsteel focuses more on using stainless steel for 3 compartment sink. Such material can resist scratch, corrosion, rust, and remain durable for years down the line.

The ruggedness of a 3 compartment sink makes it a top choice for most hospitals, garages, and many other places, as we will see in the guide.

How Does Zonsteel Ensure the 3 Compartment Sink Production is Top Notch?

It is hard sometimes to choose the best 3 compartment sink when it seems like there are so many options available. Zonsteel makes it easier for you by offering high-quality sinks you would not think twice before getting them.

The manufacturer ensures the sink is top-notch by using high-quality stainless steel material. The SS304 material is the most common option that Zonsteel uses. Since it is stainless steel, it is expected that you will like the kind of performance and durability you get with the 3 compartment sink.

The 3 compartment sink is also bent using a CNC bending machine. This ensures that the machine can cope with the type of thickness of stainless steel used to make the sink.

Also, CNC bending leads to better corners. They are famously known as the arch shape corners. These corners are crucial for ensuring you do not have to worry about bacteria accumulating on the stainless steel corners. Such a corner design will still lead to ease of cleaning the sink to maintain its cleanliness.

The use of full welding also makes the stainless steel sink stronger and durable for many years to come. It is why you might find more people using such types of sinks for decades.

The company has been making 3 compartment sink and other related sinks for decades now. This type of experience is excellent to assure the user that the company can make high-quality products.

Such features generally show that Zonsteel has the expertise to make the best 3 compartment sinks all the time.

How Does Zonsteel Improve the Look of the 3 Compartment Sink?

After welding, the stainless steel surface is oxidized and will need proper treatment to make it shiny once again. To make this possible, the company uses pickling and passivation methods. These methods can remove the contaminated surface, leaving you with a better look of the surface.

Some would ask, what is the difference between the two? Well, pickling involves using chemicals to remove the high-temperature scale and low chromium layer to leave you with a cleaner surface. Electropolishing also works in the same way; thus, it can be used in the place of pickling.

Passivation is a treatment for the stainless steel surface by using acid solutions or sometimes pastes. As such, it is crucial to exercise caution since you would be working with very strong acids.

Besides making stainless steel look better, these methods also improve the material’s corrosion and rust resistance.

So, the next time you see your 3 compartment sink shining, know that Zonsteel has made it possible by using several surface treatment methods mentioned above.

Where Best Can You Use the 3 Compartment Sink?

A 3 Compartment Sink in Use

Figure 2 A 3 Compartment Sink in Use

The 3 compartment sink is commonly used for medical use. This is where it would be used in different hospitals or medical environments for sanitization before working on a project. The personnel would love such a sink since it does not promote contamination.

Other than being used for medical applications, you will find it is still suitable for the kitchen, garage, laundry room, and mudroom. As you can see, it can work in different environments regardless of what you may have thought.

Zonsteel still offers more customizations on the different features of the utility sink. This makes it possible for you to get the right type of sink, depending on the use.

How is the 3 Compartment Sink Operated?

The operation of a 3 compartment sink is largely hands-free. It is where you control the water flow with your knee. The same applies to dispensing the soap.

Think of a scenario where the doctor has to wash his hands before getting into the surgery room. It will not be ideal touching the faucet again. That is how using your knee to operate both soap dispensation, and water flow comes in handy.

Other than using knee operation, the sink can also work by using an infrared sensor. This is a new way that Zonsteel has added to its trinity stainless steel sinks to make the operation even easier.

The infrared sensor is an additional option. This means you can choose it only when you feel it is a justified addition to make your sink work better.

Why is an Eye Washer Important for a 3 Compartment Sink?

The 3 compartment sinks are mostly used in areas such as hospitals. It is why you would see them also have an eye washer as part of the accessories the sink has for such an environment. However, what is the purpose of such an accessory?

An eye washer can help in removing hazardous substances from your eyes within the shortest time possible. The delay in removing such materials can sometimes lead to serious injuries. Thus, hospitals would want such sinks to have the eye washers also installed to handle quick emergencies that might arise.

How Does the 3 Compartment Sink Avoid Water Wastage?

A Stand on Floor Type of 3 Compartment Sink

Figure 3 A Stand on Floor Type of 3 Compartment Sink

One thing that stands out for stainless steel utility sinks should be the flexibility of adjusting the water flow timer. The aim is to ensure you can have the water running adequately long enough to wash your hands and still not lead to wastage.

It is easy to see how a timer is crucial to avoid water wastage.

You will also notice that the water will run for a few more seconds before the faucet turns off. The additional seconds of water flow are essential to wash off any of the dirt still in the sink.

What is the Importance of a Thermostat in a 3 Compartment Sink?

The thermostat in a 3 compartment sink works like any other thermostat in different devices. Its work is to keep the water coming out of the faucet maintained within a certain temperature range.

The water can only heat up to 46 degrees centigrade before the thermostat intervenes to avoid further heating. As you can see, such a temperature is good enough to feel warm and not burn your hands.

How Does the 3 Compartment Sink Avoid Cross-contamination?

Since the 3 compartment sink is likely to be used in the medical setting, there is the need to minimize cross contamination chances. One way is to ensure no one touches the faucet. You only have to operate it using the knee mechanism or an infrared sensor.

If the sink has two faucets or more, there is the need to have an acrylic partition between the different faucets. This is another way of ensuring there is no cross-contamination from one side to the other.

What are the Types of 3 Compartment Sinks Available From Zonsteel?

Hand on Wall Type of 3 Compartment Sink

Figure 4 Hand on Wall Type of 3 Compartment Sink

Zonsteel makes several types of sinks so that you can have the right one for the application. The major types include free stand on floor and the hang-on-wall 3 compartment sinks.

If you think that the sink might have to be moved soon, consider the stand on floor model. The hang on wall model is preferred for those who want something permanent.

The size will also vary. The stand on floor model measures 2000 x 1950 x 630mm, and the hang on wall model measures 1850 x 660 x 580mm.

Another thing to consider when choosing the utility sink is the water drainage system you have available. Make sure it is compatible with the utility you want to get for the space.

The hang on wall model would also need to be mounted 250mm from the floor. It is then crucial to ensure that there is enough to fit it.

What is the Process of Setting Up a 3 Compartment Sink?

The stand on floor type is not hard to install. All you have to do is connect it to a water supply and a drainage system then you should be done.

As for the hang on wall model, there is the need to drill the wall for the sink’s mounting brackets. Luckily, Zonsteel will send you the sink with all the instructions necessary to install it. So, go through it to understand more about the proper installation of the sink.

If you find the job being too much or complicated, there is nothing wrong with requesting help from a professional. Get a plumber where necessary to help with the correct installation of the 3 compartment sink.

Are There More Accessories for Zonsteel 3 Compartment Sink?

A Cleaned 3 Compartment Sink

Figure 5 A Cleaned 3 Compartment Sink

You might have come across the eye washer, timer, and heater as some of the accessories these utility sinks can have from the factory. That is not all, as you can also get other accessories such as the mirror and LED lights.

The mirror is essential for ensuring you clean appropriately before getting into a surgery room. The same can be an excellent choice for hotels too.

It would be nice to have your wash station lit to clean better. That is why you need the LED light. More people are willing to include it as part of the stainless steel utility sink accessory.

What if a Customer Has Special Needs? Does Zonsteel Offer Help?

A customer can have special needs for a 3 compartment sink. When it gets to this point, Zonsteel is happy to help.

The company will work together with the customer to ensure that the client can get the right 3 compartment sink for the application.

This could mean making a custom size stainless steel sink, include different accessories, among other things. Always specify what you need, and Zonsteel will help you realize what is possible and suitable for your space.

How Do You Effectively Clean a 3 Compartment Sink?

Now that you have got your 3 compartment sink, how do you ensure that you keep it clean and better? Below is a quick guide to get you going.

–       Have the 3 compartment sink cleaned correctly after every use

–      Do not let the wet towels or rags dry on the surface of the sink. They are likely to dull the stainless steel surface beneath them.

–      Do not use steel wool to wash the stainless steel utility sink. The chances are the iron particles from steel wool would start to rust and corrode on top of your utility sink.

–      You should wear gloves when working with strong cleansers. They might not be good for your hands in the long term.

There will be more cleaning tips in the Zonsteel product manual. If you can follow them appropriately, you will create a clean environment for the medics and other professionals.

How Do You Choose a Good 3 Compartment Sink?

–      Look at the space available to set up the sink. Will it fit? What options does Zonsteel have in store for your space? Sometimes you might need to get yourself a custom size 3 compartment sink.

–      What is the application of the utility sink? This will determine where best you can use the utility sink compared to when using the other types available.

–      The number of people who would be using the utility sink determines the number of faucets too. If there will be many people using the sink, then you might want to consider getting a model with more faucets.

–      The accessories you need with the sink. There is no doubt you would want something that gives you more accessories. This will ensure you get the best sink accessorized to make its operation better.

If you are still finding it hard to get the best 3 compartment sink, talk to Zonsteel for guidance. You will get professional help from the brand to ensure the utility sink you pick at last can help you handle your operations correctly.

How Much Does 3 Compartment Sink for Sale Cost?

The average cost will range from $500 to $4800, depending on your specifications. In most cases, the price will depend on the type of 3 compartment sink you pick, the size, the accessories, and many other customization options. This is to ensure you get value for what you are paying for when getting a utility sink.

For further guidance on the cost of a 3 compartment sink for sale, request a quote from Zonsteel. This will always help you understand more about what you can get from the brand.


At this point, you understand what the 3 compartment sink is all about. Do not be afraid to ask your question if you have more queries. The customer support team is here to help you understand the product before you can place the order.

Send an email or call, and the team will help you further.

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